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Self motivation quotes are great (and this article has some cool ones) but are they really the best motivation?
Yes, it’s taking that first step, which gets you to take the next step and the next step, etc.
This single question has the power to motivate you to take that first step because it puts time into a new perspective, especially if you feel like you’ve wasted that last year because you were unfocused or drained.
The importance of motivation cannot be underestimated when it comes to taking those first, feeble steps in the direction of your dreams.
This issue focuses on finding ways to reinvent yourself, including tips for staying motivated to make lasting change. Although the message of "The Color Purple "is that men behave badly towards women, cannot be the intention of the author.
The book "Think and Grow Rich" has as its basic premise the idea that individual achievement is the cornerstone of an industrial city, but his intention seems to be self motivation quotes.

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One of the things we know is that you cannot motivate other people, but you can remove the obstacles that stop them from motivating themselves. The great leaders of business, industry and finance, and the great artists, poets, musicians and writers all became great because they developed the power of self-motivation .
Behind the history of abuse in the hands of men is the underlying theme of the story: the earthly connections between women as providers of comfort, love and joy, regardless of the pain. This best-selling classic, written in 1937, is called the base of modern motivational ideologies. Your family, your boss, or your co-workers can try to get your engine going, but until you decide what to accomplish, nothing will happen. We can only assume intentions by context and tone of what was written, or asking directly to the author.

It's the old-fashioned basics of self-reliance, self-motivation, self-reinforcement, self-discipline, self-command. Some intentions are easy to recognize and justify; others can be hidden in the complexities of human reason and thought.
Outlined below are some examples self motivation quotes and possible intentions of writers.

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