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The Law of Attraction, like many of the universal principles that govern life, is stimulated and empowered by what you do. As with all of these universal laws and principles, the more consciously you employ them, have appreciation in the moment and then take action, the more effective they are. Living a conscious life means having the willingness, curiosity, and courage to stay present to your thoughts and feelings, to the meeting point of body, emotion, mind, and spirit.
It means staying present to the impact you have on others and your environment, as well as the choices available to you. Living consciously involves understanding and incorporating many of the tools and techniques that are available from the Ageless Wisdom.
Conscious living is an underlying theme in most of the Wisdom Wednesday blogs I write because it is a key element in living a happy and successful life in which the choices you make have a direct impact on your experience of joy and life. Revealing and encouraging you to use these ageless tools and techniques and to learn to live an integrated life where you can express and enjoy your life purpose and your Soul purpose, is what this Wisdom Wednesday blog series is all about and what fuels all of my meditation products.
You may have noticed that Abundance is a theme that I address repetitively because it is a challenge in so many lives.
To assist you, I have a free download on the home page of my website called Invocation of Magnetic Attraction. Appreciation and gratitude signal your mind that this is something good, this is something you want, this is something that you desire. It is no surprise that people are more open, receptive and generous to those who express their gratitude. Just as thoughts, send out vibrations to which there is a creative and attractive power, gratitude stimulates the field of etheric energy that surrounds you on a subtle level to bring into your life more of what brings you joy.
The Law of attraction and the dynamic principle that Energy Follows Thought are at work in the world whether you use them or not.

Expressing your appreciation works by energetically magnetizing to you more of what you appreciate.
As often as you can throughout the day, remember what is on your list and express your appreciation for it, even if it is only in your mind, silently.
In the weeks before the New Year, consciously observe what opportunities and circumstances reveal themselves to you around the items on your “appreciation list.” I think you will be delightfully surprised. Choose to take this fertile time and open up to the new possibilities and promise of a New Year. However, Sleep in Heavenly Peace by Genevieve Gerard stands out from other tapes I've listened to.
It is available for you today along with a downloadable PDF of the Invocation that you can print and use. Therefore, the act of conscious appreciation works as a powerful magnet to bring to you more of what you enjoy.
When your appreciation is expressed to someone else, everybody in the situation feels good.
As the year is winding down into the oblivion of the past and a shiny new year is ahead, it is a good time to take stock of and consider the many ways you have been blessed.
As you move through your days leading up to the New Year, express your appreciation for those things.
Let yourself be filled and strengthened by the satisfaction and happiness that expressing your appreciation brings.
If you make it your habit to appreciate what you already have you are incorporating one of the most effective techniques of conscious living. Using the powerful principle of appreciation as a magnetic force for what you wish to attract can enhance your effectiveness.

I invite you to share your impressions either in the Transformation Stories page of my website or as a comment at the end of this post.
Through appreciation and gratitude, you will be taking an important step in creating the life that you desire. In addition, two of my most successful products, “Awaken to Success” and “Soaring to Success,” offer affirmations for abundance. Immediately upon noticing what you have that you appreciate you are affirming your abilities.
You will find that this is an area of life that responds to the conscious focus of the technique of affirming what you are striving to achieve and has the added benefit of increasing your enjoyment of life’s adventure. When your attention is upon what you have accomplished in life and have already received, you are naturally stimulated to consider creative solutions to current goals and desires.
That is a subtle dynamic of how the Law of Attraction works that is both logical and easy to understand. Her pauses are perfectly placed and the listener has time to actually repeat, reflect, refresh. Yet, by consciously using these laws and principles in your life, you have at your command ways to impact and influence your life for good, for success, for joy.

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