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Self Hypnosis tool "Ho'oponopono and The Path of Life" powerfully combines Self Hypnosis and Ho'oponopono to help you achieve all your dreams.
Huna is a Hawaiian word adopted by Max Freedom Long (1890-1971) in 1936 to describe his theory of metaphysics which he linked to ancient Hawaiian kahuna, practitioners (experts) of Huna. We process millions of bits of information or memories that are held in our subconscious which we aren’t always aware of. These memories influence how we perceive our environment and in turn create our thoughts, responses and reactions to it, creating our experiences. Ancient Hawaiians believed errors arise from thoughts that were tainted by painful memories from the past.
It is generally accepted that the negative, limiting beliefs we hold are the cause of many physical health problems we experience and recent scientific research has proven that your physical health and emotional well-being are linked to your beliefs. Ho’oponopono Pule is a technique for problem solving that corrects erroneous memories or those that no longer serve a purpose.
Your memories are recalled from your subconscious (Inner Child or lower self, called the Unihipili in Hawaiian). The modern day process used for the ‘Ho’oponopono Pule’ was adapted from the traditional form by Morrnah Simeona, a Hawaiian Kahuna Lapa?au or healing priest. Morrnah's updated form of Ho'oponopono is known as ‘Self I-Dentity through Ho'oponopono’ (SITH®) and is now taught by Morrnah's student, Dr. Because we are dealing with ‘our’ memories which are the cause of ‘our’ experiences then this makes us 100% responsible for all ‘our’ experiences.
As ‘you’ are responsible for your experiences then it has to be true that if we experience a problem, ailment, disorder or illness in ourselves or someone in our experience then we must be responsible for that experience. Knowing that we are 100% responsible for the problem; 100% responsible for the cause then we have the responsibility to rectify the error! This might be difficult to grasp but when you do and take 100% responsibility you have the power to resolve what you no-longer want to experience. When you look at the Ho’oponopono Pule Brief Form and Long Form examples below and ‘The 12 steps of Ho’oponopono’ here or use the Resource tab from the main menu you will see how they deal with others that come into our experience. There are many uses for the Ho’oponopono Pule as problems can manifest themselves in a variety of ways from the erroneous memories we hold. When you are thinking of the problem, you are bringing in your emotions and acknowledging you have a problem; saying sorry for it being in your experience, asking forgiveness that it is a problem, saying you love the memory as it has taught you something about yourself and then giving thanks for its release, cleaning out the erroneous memories from reoccurring in your experience again.
Cleanse, purify, sever, cut and release all the negative and unwanted memories, blocks and energies we have created, accumulated and accepted from the beginning of our creation to the present.
Line 2(a) – Party or parties with whom process is being done, name of parties on questionnaire. DIVINE CREATOR, Father, Mother, Child as ONE:If I (1)_______________________________, my family, relatives, and ancestors have offended you, (2)_____________ _____________, your family, relatives, and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds, and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, humbly, humbly we ask you all for forgiveness for all our fears, errors, resentments, guilt, offences, blocks and attachments we have created, accumulated and accepted from the beginning of our creation to the present. LET DIVINE INTELLIGENCE INCLUDE ALL PERTINENT INFORMATION WE KNOWINGLY OR UNKNOWINGLY HAVE OMITTED.
LET DIVINE ORDER, LIGHT, LOVE, PEACE, BLANACE, WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING, AND ABUNDANCE be made manifest for us all in our affairs through the DIVINE POWER of the DIVINE CREATOR, FATHER, MOTHER, CHILD AS ONE, in whom we rest, abide and have our being now and forever more.

However, when doing the process by yourself – you assume Part II on behalf of other parties. Line 2 – party or parties with whom process is being done, name or parties on questionnaire. Purpose: To program in to individual’s memory bank or computer theBasic structures, including working “tools” to activate thecomputer, sift up and dredge out matter that may contribute to the causes of the problem. Do the long form only between one’s self, family, relatives, and ancestors before working on anyone else’s problems. Long form may be used many times but - in the beginning the Long form is used to acquaint the Unihipili of those concerned about the process.
Dear Divine, I am sorry, please forgive me for what is going on inside me that is causing this (Name the problem)____________________to happen. In the name of the Divine Creator: The Aumakua, the Uhane, and the Unihipili as ONE, I ask that this be Done and it is Done, as we release and set free, we are in turn released and set free.
Hypnotic Writing – As a hypnotist this is a good book and if you are not one and want to improve your writing I (Jenny) recommend it.
Now what does his previous works have to do with the Secret Mirror technique and it being a scam or not? The true test of something such as a product or course being effective is your opinion and yours alone, you never know what other reviewers have done with a product or course. Bestselling author and Secret movie star Joe Vitale offers a special healing meditation to smooth all relationships by working on your Inner Child first.Click Here!
The process releases the energies from the painful thoughts or errors which cause imbalance and disease.By ‘cleaning’ our memories with the use Ho’oponopono we can also relieve ourselves from the effects of Karma. When you use Ho’oponopono you are highlighting the memory or problem and ‘directing it’ telling your Unihipili which ones to remove.
These can be used when we have something come up which we want to correct; things that seem to always arise as if on a loop or before something arises in a pro-active manner.
If this is the case acknowledge it by saying, "I accept responsibility for having no money. If you use it often like a mantra you will notice a profound difference in your experiences as you clean the data or memories in your mind. And Balance; the Lady of Freedom, the Amakua of the united States, and all the Amakuas of Nations throughout the world and the Universes. Let the water of life release us all from spiritual, mental, physical, material, financial, and karmic bondage. Dear God please take these out of me and fill the empty spaces with Love and light, thank you, so be it, so it is and it is done….
Sit with the palm of the hands in your lap and the fore fingers and thumbs touching: Take seven rounds of Ha breathing.
We ask that you sever and cut all Aka Cords,Pull from the computerAnd fill in those empty spaces within the computer With Pure Divine Light as well. If you feel the need, you can then repeat the steps 3 & 4 in reverse order so that the other person etc.

You may know Joe as the one of the stars from the hit Movie the Secret, he is considered one of several Law of Attraction experts and if you have not read his books or heard his teachings you may want to watch this video. In short, Joe has been around quite some time and if you really want to sift through all the reviews you can but anyone who is truly a rip off would have been put out of business a long time ago, it is common sense. They could have bought it and placed it on their “shelf help” and never looked at it again, watching the video, seeing if it resonates with you and putting the methods and tips into practice is the only answer you will need.
He reveals a simple technology many of successful people have turned to for power, wealth, and a lifetime of fulfillment. Your Unihipili then gets the cooperation of your ‘Higher self’, or Divine Creator, known as the Aumakua, in Hawaiian, to remove (clean) the memories. Haleakala Hew Len).The original form was used to resolve forgiveness and problems within the family group.
This signifies that your ‘work is done’ and God's beginsFor more complex, ‘problem solving’ we use a longer form. As like much of what we share with you this is free and the knowledge he shares is a great addition to your growth folder and in this article we want to cover a few things that we have seen around the web. In this case, we would like to address Joe Vitale and his works which include not only this technique but many other wonderful books, courses, and tools. In regards to this particular program we can go ahead and tell you it is legit but for most that is not enough, that is why you can watch an entire video free and learn what he teaches as well as his style.
Many seek out or search the web for the secret mirror has anyone tried it, which we cannot quite grasp because even if someone did and they left a bad review that does not mean it will not work for you. And is Joe Vitale Successful, yes very, success comes for different people in different ways but there is one thing that those who struggle to manifest their dreams do not know, while a select few seem to have their every desire on demand and he reveals this method in this video. By directing your Ho’oponopono Pule to the Karmic experience you can stop the effects of Karma repeating itself. Morrnah Simeona’ adaption extends to include the social realities of the modern day and to general problem solving outside the family.
However you are still asking for the same processes to be carried out as in the above method. So whether you are struggling with the Law of Attraction or just want to learn more a about the Joe Vitale Secret Mirror technique, watch the video it costs you nothing but a bit of time.
The main difference is you are being more specific on what you want to ‘Clean’ from your experience and from memories that may have been gathered from previous lifetimes and your ancestors. You do this on behalf of the other person and when the (say your name here) comes up, you say "On behalf of . And lastly Lemon to White LightThe colour of sea foam in SunlightPure Divine Light seven times.

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