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Currently we are being bombarded by scientific research that offers proof that our perception of anything creates our reality rather than the other way around. Grasping the foregoing, however, provides a platform to accept many points of view which further scientific research will uncover. This concept has been relatively easy for me to apply because of a vision I had one evening while moderating a discussion.
I pointed out that each of the slices touched at the center and we have a tendency, because our minds, both conscious and subconscious, tend to work, in a way that can only see what the one slice represents, exclusively …whereas the SOURCE, by whatever other title or name, sees all points of view simultaneously and much more that we have yet to consider.
I have written and also shared this incident with many groups in the ensuing years, not realizing the degree to which I was locked into a similar, limited mindset and getting into arguments because of what I “knew from experience” as somehow being mutually exclusive to other points of view held by people with personal experiences that were different than mine. Recently, Ryan Bruce and I were both exposed to something that has resulted in the door to our own intellectual, emotional and spiritual freedom being opened and both of us rushing out to embrace the fresh air of our discovery. The door is applying ten words into our consciousness at an emotional level that is sure to find its way into our subconscious as well. As the two speakers who exposed this to us both stated …some people do this naturally, but some people need to work at changing and urged that these ten words help. They both confessed that they had been extremely judgmental until learning and applying these ten words, many years ago. One of the points I’m making in the foregoing paragraphs, is that mentioning the names of these two speakers would be counter-productive because the concept is an ancient one …and just as I was given the vision of the giant pizza, they were given this concept from the same SOURCE many years ago.
Also, again, neither of them could explain WHY these ten words worked so effectively …they just urged their audience to try them and gave us several examples of how continually repeating these words have eliminated their own bondage of judging others or getting caught up in reacting negatively to the opinions espoused by others. Ryan and I have had a tendency, in our close relationship, going on seventeen years, to bristle at one another because of the different ways we learn and process things.
Over the last few days we have both been continually speaking and thinking these ten words with an amazing impact on our relationship. The change is that we are beginning to listen to each other without getting caught up in our different way of thinking and approaching things: We have always trusted and respected one another, but tend to react even somewhat heatedly about differences over various issues.

We were sharing in a phone conversation late yesterday afternoon, just how these ten words are changing all sorts of things including the way we were individually looking at a variety of things we admitted to one another that were limiting both our lives. That interrupts my reaction into realizing that is all that it is, just an interesting point of view, and if I get caught up in my emotional reaction that it triggers …it will cause judgment based on whatever, to create my negative reality. Again, by injecting into my thought processes, that whatever I’m reacting to is just a point of view …and that is all that it is; by repeating the thought, “interesting point of view,” it interrupts my tendency to rise up in an emotional reaction …a so-called negative judgment, if I disagree …and, just as important, if I happen to agree with the point of view, it puts into question that agreement, a so-called positive judgment, but still judgment. Ryan, of course, is searching for the reason that ten words work so effectively and fast because that is an important part of his processes of learning and adopting any intellectual tool. As for me, I don’t care why, I’m just like a little kid anxious to ride my new bike …interesting point of view, I have that point of view.
All of a sudden I am able to emotionally embrace Ryan’s different approach to things – something I have valued, intellectually, for many years as being an important, integral part of why we work so well together. If you sense it is time to go beyond reading this or listening to a podcast of Ryan and I talking – by all means write me and I’ll send you the link to the audio resource we listened to.
There are many different ways to receive healing – they all work to some degree for different people. Along those lines, just after I woke up this morning a crazy idea started running around in my consciousness like the proverbial chicken with its head cut off: There are many ways to cook a chicken, but none of them will work if you don’t have the necessary heat …and further, what’s the point of cooking the chicken if there’s nobody around that wants to eat it? They asked how that felt …better, keep on saying it, they urged, “interesting point of view, I have that view about that part of my body.” This went on for just a few minutes – the result was that in just those few minutes all the pain had left.
I’ve told story after story of similar experiences, the difference being I always silently ask what, if anything I’m supposed to do when somebody comes or is brought to me for healing. I am sure that now, since I’ve been exposed to this tool, that there will be times, particularly when there is a conflict the person has which is keeping them from wanting to be healed, when I will be given the green light to share with them as something that has worked for many people …including me! The similarity here is that both the two guys on the audio and I are saying we don’t have a clue how it works, it just does. One of Brad’s Favorite Resources!Dr Robert Anthony has been one of Brad's favorite go to guys for insight and wisdom.

This equates to freedom of choice rather than being locked into a point of view which causes me to resist all other points of view.
I saw a giant pizza sliced into many sections and I made a crude drawing, writing a variety of fixed opinions on each slice, on the flip chart I was using to illustrate what I was seeing. Since I had a relationship with each of the individuals present, I noticed later that two of them still held onto their polar viewpoints tenaciously; refusing what they saw as an opposite view as having any validity. They both admitted that they didn’t know why these ten words have produced a significant tendency of theirs to be caught up in drawing conclusions that needed to be continually defended, to be replaced with a belief that all things really are possible. Well, that’s what scientific research into how the subconscious operates is providing tons of proof. Hmmm, what that has shown me is that all the time I wanted to know why just as badly as he does, I simply have a different approach than he at getting to the answer of the question WHY DOES THIS WORK? They give all the credit to the SOURCE and so do I and it is that simple and that easy …IF YOU PRACTICE. At the time it was one of the last widespread non-avian dinosaurs, as evidenced by the discovery of many specimens throughout North America.T-Rex mythbusterDue to a variety of films depicting the T-rex in their own unique way, an accurate view of the species has been clouded. For example, despite being a prominent star of all the Jurassic Park films, Tyrannosaurus rex did not exist in the Jurassic period (199-145 MYA).
Further, for decades T-rex has been depicted as having green scaly skin.However, recent evidence suggests its skin colour was varied and, during the early years of its life, it probably sported insulative feathers.

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