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Psychologists have repeatedly shown that our mindset and words have a profound effect on our body and those around us. THIS SITE IS DESIGNED FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT ENGAGED IN RENDERING MEDICAL ADVICE, LEGAL ADVICE OR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. Either way, keep your mind open and receptive to this discovery and how you can apply the effect of the results to improve your daily life. MASARU  EMOTO, HAS GIVEN US PHYSICAL PROOF THAT OUR THOUGHTS, INTENTIONS AND WORDS AFFECT OF PHYSICAL WORLD.
Emoto was published in 1999 and is called ‘Messages from Water,’ which has sold millions of copies all over the world.
Emoto places rice into three glass beakers and then fills the beakers with enough water to submerge the rice. Just type it into youtube or google and you will see countless people who got the same results.

Is it possible that our powerful mind and speech also has an effect on the elements of our Universe, too?
IF YOU FEEL THAT YOU HAVE A MEDICAL PROBLEM, YOU SHOULD SEEK THE ADVICE OF YOUR PHYSICIAN OR HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONER. Masaru Emoto has introduced a revolutionary, yet natural, idea that water is a direct reflection of human words and thoughts.
His philosophy can be best understood in his books, seminars, and demonstrations (one which is discussed here). To the first beaker, he states the phrase (in Japanese): “Thank you,” “You’re an idiot” to the second, and ignores the third. According to Emoto, we should take special care in how we interact with them and ensure that attention is given. We hope this research has brought you more insight about the true power of positivity and why it is so important to apply it to your every day life.

Emoto explains in detail that what we say, feel, and what we listen to has an effect on water. The video ends explaining that indifference does the greatest amount of harm, as demonstrated by the third beaker of rice in the video.
The research clearly shows how the power of positivity can transform anything in our physical reality.
It’s amazing how the jar with positive words was still white and fresh, when in our reality we would at least believe that it would definitely start to go bad.
Since human beings are made up primarily of water (60-75% depending on the source), water has a direct effect on us.

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