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Ten scientific facts your high schooler needs to know Revealing the mysteries of life through science starts with knowing the basics.
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For example, a torch gives off light because chemical energy stored in the battery is converted to electricity, which is converted to light in the globe. An a€?empty' glass isn't empty Take an empty glass, turn it upside down, and put it under water.
Living things are different from non-living things There are some things that all living things do. Bacteria are about one-millionth of a metre long and weigh less than one-billionth of a gram.
To deal with the range of species, scientists classify living things into groups based on common characteristics.
Not all natural resources used by living things are recycled Carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and water are important resources that living things need to survive.

Once these chemicals are used by living things, they are recycled and returned to the environment, ready to be used again.
For example, carbon is drawn from the atmosphere by trees and plants for food through the process of photosynthesis.
When the Earth revolves to the other side of the Sun in July, the Southern Hemisphere is tilted further away from the Sun, so less energy from the Sun reaches it (our winter).

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