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Budgeting is about balancing the money you have coming in against the money you have going out.
When calculating what you spend, be honest about what you are going to spend, otherwise any budget plan will be of little use. Student loans, grants, bursaries, scholarships, part-time work, parental contributions and savings are all your student income.
Working out a budget is important because you don’t want to spend more than you have. Use this budgeting sheet to work out how much you have left over each month and so how much you have free to spend.
Have a look at the budgeting tips below in our poster and also follow the links below for more information.
During National Student Money Week 2014 we collected a wide variety of money saving tips from students.
The holidays can be a super expensive time for all of us and I don’t think it really has to be that way. If you are in school, follow these tips to save yourself some money so you can enjoy everything that higher education has to offer.
The 16-25 Railcard is perfect for full-time students and is available for one or three years. The license fee terms from the BBC require consumers to pay the fee if they view or record television as it is broadcast.

When food shopping, students should buy in bulk and cook from scratch rather than purchasing ready-made meals. Students who enjoy shopping for clothes and accessories can save money by working where they shop. Freecycle is a great place for students to find free items like bicycles, televisions, and laptops. Enquiries generated via this site are passed on to independent financial advisers and loans brokers. When calculating the money that is coming in, make sure that you are only adding up definite income – not what you hope to receive.
For example at the market you can get a big pack of unwashed potatoes for really cheap, if you buy the equivalent washed potatoes at the supermarket you’ll be surprised at how much more expensive they are! It’s good to keep track of your money and it helps you keep an eye on what’s left!
I have compiled a list of post from a few of my favorite bloggers on tips on how to save money! Make sure you stay tuned for tomorrow’s post and video where I will be sharing even more ideas on how to get ready for the holidays and save money! Arcadia Group offers a 25 percent discount to employees of Topshop, Miss Selfridges, Topman, and its other stores and 20 percent off at BHS. Charity shops offer books, CDs, DVDs, clothing, and accessories at low prices and there seem to be a few of these on most high streets.

We are neither a lender or an independent financial adviser and as such are unable to offer financial advice. Cardholders also receive access to partnership contests and offers like holiday discounts and reduced prices for West-End theatre tickets.
Students can purchase a cable to connect their laptops to their televisions to view at no charge. Those who spend time shopping for other household items should take their NUS extra card and university card with them.
They will save themselves the stress of having to wait in long lines to print at campus and can even make money during the third year of school when everyone is printing dissertations.
Employees of New Look, The Body Shop, and Republic receive up to 50 percent off their purchases. Please be respectful of bloggers and our projects and don't abuse or steal our material- thanks! Those who do pay for a license should request a refund for the summer months that they are not in their homes. Students who travel in groups may be able to secure group discounts like three or four adults traveling for the price of two.

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