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Tickets are likely going to be your second-most expensive expenditure of your Walt Disney World vacation after your hotel, so saving money is important!
Since Disney raises its ticket prices 1-2 times per year, it’s best to buy your tickets before your trip, as early as possible. We present all of the options here along with their pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision.
We will break down all of the options and various add-ons to make buying Walt Disney World tickets easier.In this article we sort through the different options and give you recommendations on what types of tickets are best for you, plus where you can save money on Walt Disney World tickets. Not only do they sell tickets cheaper than you can purchase them from Disney directly, but they are FastPass+ enabled, so you can make FastPass+ selections with these tickets before you arrive to the park! Buying tickets on eBay or Craigslist is about as good of an idea as buying hypodermic needles from buying some dude on a street corner. Disney tickets are non-transferrable–they are tied to your fingerprint once partially used.
If you get burned by these sellers with a partially-used or counterfeit ticket, Disney won’t have sympathy.
Also consider whether you’re comparing Park Hopper tickets to regular tickets or not.
We think the best park ticket for first timers is the 5-day ticket. The 5-day ticket gives you a day at each park, plus a second day at the Magic Kingdom. It’s also because our recommended sellers have a special promotion that includes the 5th day for free on a 4-day ticket, meaning a 4-day ticket is exactly the same price as a 5-day ticket. Even if your trip is longer than 5 days, we feel this is a good amount of time to spend in the parks. We are big fans of the water parks, so this is a personal favorite ticket option for us!These Disney tickets allow you visits to the Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach water parks, DisneyQuest, golf courses (regular and mini-golf), and ESPN Wide World of Sports, all without using your regular days on the ticket or paying an extra admission cost. These tickets offer great bang for buck, because they offer the most amount of savings via the authorized third parties. We used to recommend most people get it to maximize time in the parks, but starting last Friday (Memorial Day weekend), Animal Kingdom will be open until 11 p.m. Come September, and probably through December 2016, we anticipate Animal Kingdom being open until 10 p.m. If you want to go all-out, spending your entire day in the parks, it can be good to add the Park Hopper option to your Walt Disney World tickets. Some nights, Magic Kingdom closes 2-3 hours later than the other parks, so you squeeze a couple more hours out of day. Of these discounts, military Disney ticket discounts are typically the best, followed by AAA discounts.

AAA discounts are only offered through local offices and tax isn’t included in their price quotes.
Note that Disney ended its relationship with AAA last year, so there are no additional perks for buying Disney tickets through AAA in 2016.AAA discounts typically are not as good as the prices offered by the discount ticket brokers, but military or department of defense discounts are always better.
Basically, FastPass+ is a web-based ride reservation system that replaced the old paper FastPass tickets.
It is part of the MyMagic+ system, which is discussed in our full MyMagic+ FAQ post that covers everything you need to know.
It’s really important that you understand FastPass+ before your trip, so definitely read those posts. After Annual Pass tiers changed, that now is typically not true unless you are a Florida resident. Exact prices range from $5 to $43 more expensive per ticket, with certain 1-day tickets seeing the biggest percentage increases.
This is because of Flex Pricing, which breaks 1-day tickets into three different tiers: Value, Regular, and Peak. With large scale construction on AVATAR Land, Star Wars Land, and Toy Story Land ongoing, and Rivers of Light and Frozen Ever After debuting in 2016, Disney may increase prices sooner rather than later. In fact, we have already heard rumors of a July 2016 increase, but these rumors are very uncertain. It has happened the last several years, and it’s very unlikely that Disney would go 12+ months without an increase.
Seasonal Pricing for 1-day tickets has gone smoothly so far, and it likely will be expanded to multi-day tickets at the earliest opportunity to build upon the success of Seasonal Pricing and expand it further. It also means not having to hassle with Flex Pricing for multi-day tickets (and potentially paying a lot more if you visit during school breaks or holiday seasons).ConclusionWhich tickets should you buy? Hopefully the above info helped you determine this for yourself, because really, there is no one size fits all ticket, so I can’t give an answer to that question. Here are some general rules:If you are visiting after May 27, 2016, we no longer recommend Park Hopper tickets unless you have extra money in your budget or are a night owl. It’s really best to read through this and then apply it to your own circumstances by looking at your own schedule and preferences, and determining what type of tickets are best for you. If you want to save money on tickets or determine which type you should get, read our Tips for Saving Money on Walt Disney World Tickets post. Our What to Pack for Disney Trips post takes a unique look at unconventional things you should take on your trip.
We might have a day free in there somewhere but we won’t know until about 2 weeks before.

My kids are now 19 and 17, SO if we go one day to Universal Studios (We really want to see Harry Potter World)…Of the new attractions at Disney, which ones would you recommend? Tina Reply Dennis C June 7, 2016 There is extensive work being done at Hollywood Studios and as a result you’re not getting quite as much bang for your buck.
Reply Elle May 23, 2016 Dude, the 5 day park ticket is to be used by THE SAME PERSON ALL 5 DAYS! Enjoy your trip Reply Dennis C May 2, 2016 If your company offers discounted tickets through Plum Benefits you can save a lot of money. Reply philippines April 17, 2016 Your style is so unique compared to other people I have read stuff from.
Reply Jennifer April 9, 2016 I am planning a one day visit to magic kingdom (sometime between May 8-13) and was wondering where the best place is to buy tickets.
I looked at the 3 authorized vendors you listed but they are all higher than the gate prices. I was curious as to why that would be if they’re supposed to be a vendor for discounted tickets.
It states that you can visit one of the 4 parks for the number of days in the ticket, PLUS admission to 1-2 (depending on the ticket purchased) of 8, including Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. So, if I purchase a 2 day ticket, does it mean I can go to Disney World one Day, Epcot another, and then use the 2 admissions, one day to Blizzard beach and another day to Typhoon Lagoon, giving me a total of 4 days, with one park each day?
Reply Nicki March 20, 2016 I’m taking my daughter to Disney World from December 1-16. We are staying on the Disney resort and getting tickets for 13 days and a one day party ticket. I’ve done it out several times and it just seems to make more sense for us to get annual passes as compared to buying tickets however the company we are booking through seem to be pushing for tickets over annual passes. Reply Traci Hawks March 14, 2016 Of the three non-Disney sites you recommend, I notice Undercover Tourist is significantly more expensive. Is this because they send you an actual ticket… requiring no wait at the will call window?

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