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Press Releases might seem old-school but that doesn’t make them any less important and effective! The purpose of sending a press release is two-fold: to provide a concise overview of your book AND to show that you are a professional. Crafting an effective press release may seem daunting, but the following outline and sample will show you how to write a great, professional press release. While not a conventional component, I highly recommend including your book cover and professional author photo with your press release.

Use short sentences to elaborate on points you mentioned in Paragraph 1 OR provide really interesting background on this book. You wrote a great book. This paragraph needs to include the essentials: author name, pub date, publisher, where books are available, contact information, and website. While not a true page footer, this last line or two comes after the “official” press release and includes explicit information on contacting the author for interviews, review copies, etc. Demonstrate that you have done your marketing homework and you are ready to play with the big dogs with a perfectly persuasive press release.

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