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We have typically defined addiction as needing a substance to function normally, but this ignores crucial psychological qualities of addiction.
Responding to the shooting of a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, Bill Nye says the treatment of animals in zoos is plainly unethical. Researchers present what they’ve learned now that they can read the tiny text inside the Antikythera mechanism. In response to the attacks in Brussels, we've put together a playlist of our most experienced and insightful experts into the dark heart of ISIS. But if hate-filled comments and threats to women have not been expressly called divisive, it's because such conduct does not threaten to divide the movement. Obviously, the leaders of our movement can't just snap their fingers and put an end to this hate. And then, of course, there are some prominent figures in our movement who seemingly do condone harassment, or at the very least, fault women for speaking up about it. Make no mistake: it's proponents of A+ who want to make the secular movement better - more numerous, more inclusive, more reflective of wider society - by putting a stop to hateful prejudice.
On the other hand, the diehard enemies* of A+ (and they aren't hard to find; just look on Twitter): what do they want?
Deciding how much staff time and money to expend on a particular issue is always a problem, however. A politician introduces a bill to ban all abortions, because he believes that every fetus has a soul and this makes it equal in moral worth to an adult human being. A political party argues against laws to regulate carbon emissions, because they say the climate is under God's control and he won't let it change too much. A religious right advocacy group tries to repeal laws against gender discrimination, because they say that the Bible sets clear and distinct roles for men and women and society shouldn't protect people who transgress those.
The tax exemptions afforded to storefront churches reduce the tax base, ensuring that poor and economically depressed communities with many of them have an even harder time generating real economic growth.
These are all social justice issues, and they're also examples of religion motivating harmful public policy in exactly the same way as, say, a bill to divert tax money to churches or teach creationism in the classroom. Based on thorough and well-accepted academic study and brain research, the eight Thinking Map tools correspond with eight fundamental thinking processes. Designs for Thinking is a consulting group based in the Northeast USA representing Thinking Maps, Inc. Scroll down through this webpage to learn more about the above implementation options listed above. This proven model of whole school implementation of Thinking Maps ensures that students and teachers fluently apply Thinking Maps to learning and teaching on a daily basis.
Participants receive additional resource materials, including access to extensive documents showing teacher and student examples of content applications.  These documents are included on Powerpoint files and in video clips in the form of iMovies and DVD productions.
This is a special resource manual for those interested in becoming trainers of the Thinking Maps common visual language.
Thinking Maps: A Language for Leadership professional development is designed to meet the needs of multiple audiences. A whole school, or content specific teams from across schools, learn how to support students in meeting content and process standards through the explicit application of Thinking Maps.  Workshops are designed in response to the specific content areas and grade levels, but each workshop focuses on content standards, writing, mathematics and reading comprehension. Thinking Maps Software is user friendly for students, teachers, and administrators and is easy to learn during the process of implementation.  The Software Workshop is focused on more advanced and creative applications for individuals, classrooms, whole schools, and system wide network use.

Write from the Beginning…and Beyond is a writing program that can be used as a core writing program or in combination with other writing programs that a school or district is using. The Write from the Beginning…and Beyond professional development model varies depending upon the needs of your school or district. Materials for Write from the Beginning…and Beyond are provided by the mode of writing desired. This spiral-bound manual is written for those interested in becoming trainers of the Write from the Beginning…and Beyond program.
This spiral-bound manual explains the background information necessary for responding to literature (eg, stages of understanding, types of oral and open-ended written responses, and various types of prompts). Path to Proficiency is designed to provide adaptations and extensions in the use of Thinking Maps to assist teachers in building bridges to academic excellence and success for English Language Learners. This manual is the essential resource for teachers wishing to extend Thinking Maps for the greatest benefits with their ELL students. This resource is used to prepare on-site facilitators to guide teachers through the Path to Proficiency manual. We know there are prominent women who've either said they're leaving the movement or have contemplated leaving the movement because they're sick and tired of dealing with a constant stream of hate-filled and threatening messages. We ask for reasonable harassment policies, for a basic degree of consideration and respect shown to everyone, for secular groups to consider women and minorities for leadership roles and to be responsive to their concerns, and for good people to speak up if and when they see others not doing these things. Judging by their behavior, there are many among them who want to bully, to harass, to intimidate, and to terrorize, and many who cheer on these behaviors. It's true that no one has the time or the resources to focus on the entire breadth of social justice issues, and this is especially true of budget-constrained secular groups. Secular groups are well-positioned to fight them: we have the expertise and the credibility. I'm specifically referring to those who clearly hate the idea that such a thing even exists and who have supported, implicitly or explicitly, the campaign of bullying and harassment waged against its advocates. More than simple task-specific graphic organizers, our tools can be utilized individually or in various combinations to form a Common Visual Language for students and teachers at all grade levels, in all subjects.
With the entire faculty focusing together on improving all students’ thinking and performance, Thinking Maps becomes a common visual language for vertical and horizontal development of content learning, concept development, reading, writing, and thinking skills.
It includes classroom posters, black line masters and a specific methodology for introducing, teaching, transferring, integrating and assessing the impact of the Thinking Maps common visual language.
This manual, in conjunction with the extensive Training of Trainers professional development plan, prepares skilled educators to enhance the learning process of others within their own region, district, or school, through the unique language of Thinking Maps.
It can be used by leaders and leadership teams who want to strengthen and deepen their current Thinking Maps implementation, and assist those who want to expand their use of these tools into leadership practices. Technology for Learning offers over 80 tutorials and exercises, designed to give students extra practice in the proper use of Thinking Maps. For example, those that use the traits of effective writing will immediately see how these traits can be taught using the mini-lesson component of Write from the Beginning…and Beyond, as well as how they can also be assessed using the analytic improvement rubrics that are provided. Training in the Thinking Maps Common Visual Language is required prior to implementation of Write from the Beginning…and Beyond. Along with an explanation of the components of Write from the Beginning…and Beyond, Setting the Stage includes grade specific characteristics and goals, the essential components of effective writing (explanations, guiding questions, and student samples) mini-lessons, thinking journals, observation tools for administrators, and other resources to guide teachers as they prepare to teach the various modes of writing to their students. This manual, in conjunction with the intensive Training of Trainers professional development plan, prepares educators in the skills necessary to train others within their own region, district, or school.

It is designed to help teachers guide students through the process of explaining and supporting their thinking about a particular piece of discourse. The overall goal of the manual is to help teachers provide quality, challenging, and focused instruction to transition students from immersion in their native language to acquiring proficiency in English. Constructed in a graduated format, Path to Proficiency is divided into eight sections, arranged from simple to more complex applications. Complete with PowerPoint presentations and a DVD hosted by Jane Buckner, the Facilitator’s Guide provides facilitators with the materials necessary to lead teachers through as many as 13 staff development sessions with the Path to Proficiencymanual.
David Hyerle to learn more how he can share his expertise as a keynote speaker and expert on visual tools with your organization.
I can say with confidence that at the national level none of the movement organizations condones hatred and threats toward women. Standing by, saying and doing nothing, under the assumption that everyone already knows they don't condone it isn't nearly enough.
But I think we can usefully pitch in when those issues intersect with our mission of diminishing religion's social and political power. Even if it's something as simple as issuing a press release or signing onto an amicus brief, why shouldn't we get involved? They are based on a simple yet profound insight: The one common instructional thread that binds together all teachers, from pre-kindergarten through postgraduate, is that they all teach the same thought processes. This process focuses on the theory, practice, implementation, and assessment of Thinking Maps® and Software in order to ensure long term implementation and success in schools.  Once participants have gained certification, they are required to follow implementation guidelines established by Thinking Maps, Inc. This guide and associated professional development can also serve as an entry point for schools to begin the process of implementing Thinking Maps. The software builds maps from scratch allowing students to customize them to their lesson requirements. The format of each section includes background information, opportunities for the teachers to apply the information, and an opportunity to develop classroom applications. David Hyerle, who created Thinking Maps®, is a noted author, presenter, keynote speaker and expert on thinking schools, whole school change and visual tools. As stories like this one show vividly, it makes harassment far worse, and causes far more shame and self-doubt in its victims, when women experience it while men around them are silent. Grothe, who blamed a drop in female attendance at his convention not on sexual harassers, but on women who speak out about sexual harassers (a comment which, to my knowledge, he's never retracted). The people who do these things have no place in our movement, simple as that, and they deserve to be shamed and ostracized until such time as they're willing to change their behavior and act like decent human beings.
Lindsay does mention Surly Amy's series of male atheist leaders responding to sexism, and I agree this is a good start.
Hyerle's recent global presentations include the United Kingdom, Malaysia, South Africa, Ethiopia, United States and other locations sharing his insights, research and practical application of visual tools. Thinking Maps implementation for students, teachers, and leadership is a comprehensive, whole school process for improving the teaching, leading and learning of all participants in a school and school system.

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