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The requirements to become a police officer include education and training specific to the field of law enforcement.
An applicant needs to meet certain requirements to become a police officer in the United States. Police learn valuable skills and lessons on the job, but preparing for a career in law enforcement begins with training.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that many agencies will pay for an employee's continued education in police science, public administration, administration of justice or criminal justice.
College classes may be helpful in teaching many valuable lessons, but job related training can help you put theory into practice.
Training typically occurs before the new hire has a first assignment and the training period usually lasts 12 to 14 weeks. Eligibility for employment as a police officer includes education, training, interviewing and testing. Some departments may require candidates to pass a polygraph test before considering them for a position, and a criminal background check that shows a record can disqualify a candidate, depending on the charge.

Candidates with experience in the military, as prison guards or related fields are likely to have an edge when it comes to meeting the requirements to become a police officer. While criteria differ from one area to the next, you can expect some general guidelines for qualifying to become an officer to apply in most places.
Before applying for a job in this field, consider factors that play a role in whether you fit the bill or not.
Police officers who hold an advanced degree are more likely to move up in the ranks than officers who have no post secondary education.
Employees who hold degrees can expect higher salaries, and greater chances for advancement. New hires in a police department may have to attend a training academy to prepare them for service. This process can weed out candidates that do not have characteristics of a good police officer. Those employed by a police department can expect to have random drug tests throughout their careers.

However, many opportunities are available for applicants who have little experience but meet the criteria for employment.
Departments may require applicants to meet the following criteria, but requirements may vary. Some departments may require some college experience or a degree in criminal justice or a related field.
Those working for federal agencies and urban agencies may benefit from learning a second language.

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