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Pay attention – you may not even notice your negative thoughts until you are already feeling bad. Take a deep breath – breath out the stress the thoughts created and breath in your more empowered, whole self.
Give yourself a different auditory cue – Choose a phrase to say to yourself like: blank slate or fresh start. Give your mind a new job – ask yourself: Now that I have created this open space in my mind, what do I want to focus on next? Repeat as necessary – your mind has had years of practice thinking the way it does, but new neuro pathways can be created when you respond differently on a regular basis. Are You Ready to Feel More Empowered?Click on the image above to subscribe and get your free gift!
The Self-Esteem Syrvival Kit is a truly revolutionary program that helps break through the negative social and family conditioning that leads to poor self-image, substance abuse, co-dependancy, marital problems and business failure. This life changing program works directly with your subconscious mind, that mysterious source which never sleeps, which creates your dreams, and often makes you act in ways you do not comprehend. Affirmations include: My emotions will be approached gently and repeatedly until they are tame. I am confident beyond all bounds, for confidence is the unbridled child of my new self-esteem.
The art of serenity is the best kept secret in the universe, a paradox sublime I shall understand today.

As the Shakespeare quote above highlights, there is nothing wrong with thoughts themselves, it is the attachment to your thinking that can become troublesome.
If you visualise your thoughts as clouds passing in the sky you can see that you are choosing which ones to allow, follow or believe. Imagine your thoughts are appearing on paper or a computer screen; you have the chance to review, reflect and delete – to edit your thoughts. To question a thought simply ask: “Is that true?” A brilliant question from the book listed below called “Loving what is” by Byron Katie.
I hope you enjoy viewing my Mind Maps – there are hundreds more planned here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog plus ongoing creativity and drawing tips. Also available: E-Books designed to help you create stylish and artistic mind maps of your own. If you know someone who could benefit from this post and others here at the Mind Map Inspiration Blog please share with them. It can get into repetitive loops with the kinds of thoughts that bring you down or hold you back. One of the most effective ways to work with them is to imagine a volume control button and turn the sound down until you can barely hear them. The kit combines the very best of Paul Solomon's time-tested self-esteem and confidence affirmations with scientifically proven subliminal listening and repetitive reading techniques that enable you to achieve the success in life you have only dreamed of! If you've never had supportive statements made about yourself, here is the survival kit that may save your life.

A healthy self-image occours naturally as your conscious and subconscious thoughts are supported by your loving self! Like the heart stopping moment when you think you have spilt a drink only to remember the cup is empty.
It takes awareness to notice your thinking yet once you begin to do so, you can pay greater attention to the destination.
Quite simple when reading this – you can experiment by looking at objects around you and noticing what thoughts arise. A great tip is to write down repetitive thoughts to help process anything you need to action or let go of. If you get into the habit of questioning your thoughts you realise you don’t have to believe everything you think. With practice, the gaps between thoughts become bigger allowing greater awareness of your thinking.

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