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Raby Bay Vet Surgery is a family practice, dedicated to providing expert, exceptional care for our patients and their owners. Over the last 34 years the Cleveland Veterinary Clinic has provided generations of Bayside families with caring and friendly advice for pets of all shapes and sizes. This devotion and care continues today through our clinic staff's experience and special interests in various animal species. Animal Options is a purpose built Veterinary Clinic in Ormeau situated between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
At Animal Options we aim to utilise all aspects of veterinary medicine whilst remaining focused on the patient, employing a holistic approach to restoring health and vitality. Our motto is "PAWsitively Healthy" and this reflects our belief that preventative medicine is the key to a happy and healthy pet. Dr Emma Simon has 20 years of experience and takes a particular interest in internal medicine, dermatology and endocrinology. Excuse Me!: A Little Book of Manners is a sweet and simple lift-the-flap book to teach toddlers basic manners (please, thank you, sorry, etc). Calm-Down Time shows a young child techniques for calming down even when they feel upset inside. Cookies: Bite-Size Life Lessons is one of my favourite concept books to learn about character traits because all the situations are related to cookies!
The Way I Act shows character traits in action, giving kids examples of how they might practice good character every day. The Learning to Get Along series is an amazing collection of books covering topics such as honesty, generosity, being afraid, taking turns, following the rules and more.
Character Building Day by Day: 180 Quick Read-Alouds for Elementary School and Home is a book I am currently reading with my kids a few times a week.
M is for Me goes through the ABCs listing character traits such as friendly, generous, patient, and wise.
I Can Change the World puts your child into a story about offering acts of kindness to others! I See Me has kindly offered one Moments A Day reader the opportunity to personalise a copy of I Can Change the World for their child.
My most memorable gift was a wee orange care bear teddy that i got given during a hospital stay for being so brave. I grew up in a farming family where shopping in town was a day trip and time was the most valuable thing one could give.
So well, the really most amazing Christmas was when, I was like 4-5, my 10 years older sister (that usually refused to play with me) prepared a home made gift for everyone. Hello friends ~ I am a mother of three and author passionate about sharing ways parents can grow alongside their little ones.

Positive Arts is one of the first, most respected and recommended Graffiti Art companies in the UK. Through our positive and people centred ethos we aim to bring happiness, pride and change to communities and individuals, transforming the negative public perception of Graffiti Art. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service, have a love of animals and a strong commitment to not only caring for our clients' pets but also in educating them. Our staff Vets and Vet Nurses apply their extensive knowledge, excellent treatment and strong, compassionate health care principals to every animal that comes to our surgery.
We treat a wide range of other exotic pets (birds, rodents, guinea pigs, snakes and lizards) and wildlife.
They adapt to clinical examinations and other mildly stressful procedures, such as ear and eye treatments, much more readily than many other dogs. A passion for animal care along with a devoted work ethic has seen the Clinic's veterinary staff build strong and valuable relationships with many customers over the years. Dr Rowan Kilmartin designed the clinic to provide a comprehensive range of services to pets and their owners, incorporating conventional veterinary medicine and advanced complimentary therapies. We use a range of therapies such as chiropractic, cranio-sacral therapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and homeopathy.
After spending time working in Darwin and the Sunshine Coast she has now settled on the Southside of Brisbane.
It offers a fun way to teach and reinforce everyday phrases we want our young children to learn.
A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids is a powerful introduction to what kindness is and how we gain happiness from helping, not hurting, others. It goes through basic feelings and choices that kids experience when interacting with their peers, and offers encouragement to make good choices to deal with these. The gifts that come to mind for me as childhood favourites are my grandmothers packages that she sent us every Christmas. It would be an amazing treat to see my grandparents come all the way from Iran or our aunt uncle and my aunt, uncle and cousins drive all the way from a another town and surprise us in the middle of the night! My most memorable gift was my parents coming to school events to see me in plays or accepting awards. My infancy was spent in quite remarkable material and emotional poverty compared to other families around us (more for an selfish choice of my parents than for real necessity).
For me was a dress for my doll, hand sewed with a white-red little flower fabric from a old shirt of her…You remind me I should thank her for that wonderful warming surprise! I was excited, I could travel to anywhere with just a move of my hand, I had the world on my hands. We have been empowering and inspiring people since 1998 with our uniquely educational and engaging approach to projects, workshops and programmes.

We provide a complete pet service from general vaccinations to nail trimming and have a qualified groomer visiting the clinic weekly. Our residential trainer (Dee Scott) is nationally qualified through Delta Australia and has over 25 years experience.
This knowledge and attitude is backed by access to a broad range of laboratory and other diagnostic and referral support. Dee encourages her clients to socialise their dogs at our surgery, desensitising them to the common things encountered. Together they provide the best in animal health care, delivered by qualified and caring professionals. The illustrations are detailed and interesting, and overall the book offers a non-threatening, positive way to help children consider the everyday choices they make. They were always filled with little handmade goodies that she bought from the local craft markets, and she would store them away over the year and then send them to us all at once as a gift. So I usually received a white underwear t-shirt or a pair of thick scratching socks for Christmas (and I always wondered why since I tried soooo hard to be good).
What is more was that it had a light inside, therefore I could use it as a night light…My fear of darkness went away and I had the whole world mine. Our vets have an interest in behaviour and training and find that pets that have been through an obedience or training course are much easier and calmer to deal with in the consultation room. The result is usually a much more pleasant visit for all parties concerned - no dragging the dog through the door, and no struggle to complete the examination. As a team we believe excellence and compassion are an essential part of caring for your pet. They included things like crocheted bookmarks, washcloth bunnies with a soap, hand-sewn handbags etc.
When they finished, my brother blindfolded me, picked me up “to go down the slide,” and then threw me through the air to land on the trampoline! She never told me she had them and looking at them brought up memories that after 30+ years you forgets.
By Christmas Eve, convinced I could not possibly receive a teddy bear at the whopping age of 8, I had resolved stoicly that I would not cry. We opened our gifts Christmas Eve… Christmas morning Ted sat under the tree with my name on him. For real joy is knowing in your core that God wants the desires in your heart and will provide what you need, when you need it.

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