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Today, after my beast of a workout, I was doing the huffing-that-may-turn-into-heaving slow walk across the floor with hands my on my head when my guru trainer, Yaw, came up to me. Yaw is the reason I discovered corrective exercise and started getting serious about the way I formatted workouts. It’s just funny to me that I got this immensely moving compliment today, when just yesterday I was reviewing everything that brought me here. While I was going through all the notebooks (most of them filled out only for a few pages, and then discarded), ripping out the written parts and putting the blank ones in the donation pile, I came across my CBT exercise notebook… one of the many.
This was the notebook I used to work through the homework I got from my therapist when I started actually working on changing my habits and mindset. I was shocked when I reviewed the thoughts that were coming up for me after certain triggers. Which made me stop and become immediately and overwhelmingly grateful for all that hard work I put in. If I was saying those awful things to myself, I imagine that many of you are still attacking yourself with similar ANTs, and that’s just not ok with me.
True or not, ask yourself whether beating yourself up like this will get you anywhere at all. Every time you start having these automatic negative thoughts, remind yourself of the fact that thinking like this won’t get you anywhere. Make a list right now of proactive things you can do to break the cycle of negative thinking.

When these thoughts come up, much of our anxiety and fear come from focusing on what we can’t control.
Empower yourself by shifting your focus to action; what can you do to create long-term improvement? If you are sitting there, wishing there was a more convenient way to make this post into a worksheet, consider your wish granted. I’m not going to ask you to share because I think we should concentrate on eradicating these thoughts instead of dwelling on them. I feel for you, Pietro, and it’s easy to fall into that kind of thinking when the hurt is fresh. Training with him taught me just what I was really capable of, and that there is a way to get results for everyone.
Many of the pages were ANTs exercises; a written analyzation of my Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs). What is a positive, encouraging thought that you can start replacing this negative one with?
For the past year I have been suffering with these negative thoughts that can pop into my head even after I’ve done excersize.
The views contained in the contents of this site are solely my own and are not intended to replace qualified medical expertise. I worked hard to have this easy, positive mindset that looks for the good in situations instead of adding my wrongs to the list of why I’d never achieve anything (like I used to).

We need to nip this in the bud and get you in a space that allows for the strength to move forward with your extraordinary life. Try tracking your thinking back to when you first started to say these kinds of things to yourself. If you need an outside eye, ask someone who you trust, who supports you and truly wants the best for you. However long it takes, you will uncover your confidence and strength with focus and determination.
It is very reassuring to hear about someone else overcoming their obstacles and becoming a stronger, happier person in the process. Negative thinking destroys my relationship with everyone, and I really don’t want to ever lose my husband. However, I can see how emotionally draining, and exhausted he has become by trying to help me. I will be printing out the worksheet and TODAY I will start on becoming the new “positive thinking” me!!!
I appreciate what you’re doing with this website, it is so helpful hearing that I am not alone.

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