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The Red Skins were not an ethnic group, but many tribes and ethnicities with different life styles, over 300 in both Americas.
The Indian man was hunter and warrior, while women took care of the children, cultivated and harvested crops, grounded grains for making flour and maintained the tents. In bison hunting tribes, women helped cutting the animals and bringing the meat into the camp, then with its processing for being consumed later. The Indian tribes were in constant war one against the other, except when making alliances between various tribes. Before a war expedition, the warriors celebrated a feast, a worshiping war dance and rite, destined to check what will be the result of the projected campaign. Before going to hunt, men executed dances mimicking the movement of the desired animal (like bear's) for the success of the hunt. During the spring, summer and fall, when there was a lot of grass, bisons formed large herds, while during the winter, the bisons formed smaller groups, looking for remote grasslands.
The dwellings of the Indians varied from tribe to tribe, depending a lot on the environment.
Pueblo of New Mexico made multilevel adobe houses, as a protection against the scorching heat of the desert. At the beginning, American Natives collaborated in the northwestern US with the first European colonists, the English and the Dutch. But, the massive immigration from Europe and the European methods of land cultivating soon generated tensions with the Indians. In Florida, Spaniards had installed in 1513, in smaller groups, taking slaves from amongst the Natives to cultivate the land.
Iroquois tribes (like Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca) fought in the British side, during the American Independence War (1775-1783). Bribery, menaces, alcohol and manipulations were the weapons through which the Ohio's Delaware, Wyandot, Ottawa, Chippewa, Ojibwa and Shawnee tribes lost their lands.
The Indians did not realize the superior attitude of the Europeans, who looked at them as primitive, heathens and rude. But, Indians fought in an already lost battle; their enemy overwhelmed them in number and weaponry. In the new republic of US, Indians had to sell their land or renounce it and to emmigrate or retreat in the reserves. During the American Civil War (1861-1865), soldiers retreated from the territories of the Navajo Indians. Between 1820 and 1845, tens of thousands of Choctaw, Cherokee, Chicksaw, Creek and Seminole were chased away from their lands in the southeastern US and forced to walk to the west, beyond Mississippi, to the lands that now make Oklahoma, located at hundreds of kilometers from their homes. The governors said about the dry territories west of Mississippi that "as long as grass will grow green and river waters will flow they will be of the Indians". In 1868, Red Cloud signs a favorable convention with the US government and keeps the Black Hills territory. Indians led by Sitting Bull (Tatanka Yotanka) impeded white settlers to mine for gold in the Black Mountains of Dakota.
Also, in 1890, the last Indian resistance was defeated at the massacre of Wounded Knee, in the Great Plains, seen as a revenge for Little Bighorn.
50-85 % of the Native Americans are unemployed, and they have the lowest life hope compared with other ethnic groups in US; they also have the highest rates of diabetes, TBC and alcoholism, connected to cirrhosis, deadly accidents, suicide and crime. The megalodon shark (Carcharodon megalodon) was a massive being that would put modern day sea predators to shame. From 70 million to 10 million years ago, the wonder known as the megalodon shark ruled the warm waters of Earth. Scientists have studied megalodon teeth that were found in Africa, North America, South America, India, Australia, Japan, and Europe. Interestingly enough, there are many who refuse to believe that the megalodon shark is indeed extinct. I think the megalodon is still living its just in warm waters or by volcanoes like in Africa or something like that . If they’re extinct I think people would have noticed a 70ft dead shark… The megalodon is ALIVE!!!! Well, first of all, whales have been washing up on shores, whales way to big for the biggest great white shark to bite in half.
Living for a short time and thriving for millions of years are two different things entirely. I’m glad you guys are so passionate about this topic, but your posts have been edited due to profanity.
Clearly the Megalodon is still alive, what else could explain crop circles and cow mutilations.
I think it is still living in the deepest parts of the ocean and the warmest wait isn’t it cold close to the bottom of the ocean but I still think it still lives today. Last comment, also they should delete finding Bigfoot as a TV show and replace it for Finding the megalodon! I don’t think Megalodon is in the deep ocean the farther below the surface you go the colder it gets. On shark week they have videos of Megalodon, megalodon the new evidence this is proof that this show can help if megalodon is still out there. Well I am flippin terrified now because there is a video of a shark attack or capsized boat blamed on whales. Unfortunately on her maiden voyage, started on 10 April 1912, the largest liner afloat at that time, RMS Titanic ship, collided with an iceberg and sank on the 15 of April 1912. There were 2224 people, passengers and crew, on Titanic board. The sinking of RMS Titanic ship caused the dead of 1517 people. RMS Titanic ship was ordered by the British company White Star Line and was built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast, Ireland. RMS Titanic ship building cost was $7,500,000 (?1.5 million), and it took 3 years to be ready. Titanic ship was build with tree main engines – one centrally placed low pressure Parson Turbine and two reciprocating four-cylinder, triple-expansion steam engines.
RMS Titanic offered also first-rate facilities for exercising for her First Class passengers.
On the board the passengers were offered a gymnasium which included boxing, weight training, stationary bicycling, a peculiar motorized device called the electric camel, which apparently simulated the exertion of riding an actual beast and rowing. The Second Class passengers on Titanic ship were amused by board games such as chess and backgammon and deck games such as shuffleboard and ring toss. The Second Class Library was used by the passengers not only for reading but for socializing too.
The Third Class passengers pretty much were left to find their own amusements in their living quarters or in the small area of the poop deck that they were allowed to use but they were enjoying every minute of the voyage. The meals for the First-class passengers on Titanic ship were brilliantly prepared, served at the highest standard in an atmosphere of elegance and luxury. The Second class passengers were offered similar high quality of food only with less choice and fewer courses.
The RMS Titanic ship captain Edward John Smith took the command after he had been transferred from Olympic. The passengers aboard were estimated to 1317 people, 447 (34%) female and 869 (66%) were male, They were mainly in third class – 709, First class was with 324 passengers and Second class – 284.
The estimated number of deaths after the Titanic ship disaster vary between 1490 and 1635. The news of the RMS Titanic ship sinking was shocking. The tragic story of Titanic ship is described in movies due to the fact that it combines money, ambition, love, courage and loss.
DNA says they came from Siberia to what is now Alaska, Canada and US, through a land bridge called Behringia, about 15,000 years ago. The name traces its roots in Columbus' voyages, when the navigator met the Caribbean natives with an odd red color of the skin. The main crops of the Amerindians were corn, squash and bean, but all the tribes collected forest products.
In Apaches tribes, even if men helped in agriculture, women knew best how to do it, with all the required works, prays and flooding technology. As the best way of reaching personal glory was the abundance of war trophies, all young men were eager to start the warrior pathway.
The tomahawk was the symbol of the war, wielding it meant the hostilities had started, while burying it meant there was a peace accord, confirmed by smoking "calumet", the pipe of peace. To transport their goods while following the bison herds, they used the travois: two sticks joined to one end and diverging to the other.
The hunting groups could be formed of several families; the mounted hunters herded the bisons to enclosures, in which they closed the animals and killed them using arrows.
Jamestown, Virginia, the first British settlement in America, was built with the help of the Powhatan Indians.

Their chief, Miantonomo, sniffed the danger and, in 1642, proposed to the Mohawk Indians the formation of an Amerindian resistance alliance. All they received were insults and abandon at the end of the war, while US got their territory. The Native Americans did not understand this; they looked at the White people just as being different, having different values.
Still, the greatest enemy of the Indians were not the riffles, but the epidemics brought by Europeans. The ethnic cleansing did not forget even the "civilized nations" that had adapted to the habits of the white people.
The Navajo took advantage and attacked Mexican and American settlements on the Rio Grande valley. Due to the nomad life and the hunting style (being skilled in handling fire guns), they could organize in guerrillas, being hard to find in their territories.
In 1876, lieutenant Custer "Long Hair" thought he could defeat without problems, in Montana near the river Little Bighorn, the about 1,000 Sioux and Cheyenne warriors, with his 650 soldiers. About 320 fugitive Sioux men, women and children were killed by the federal troops armed with Hotchkiss guns with rapid shot. So even though these sharks were immense, the majority of their bodies were not fossilized; cartilage usually disintegrates too fast for the fossilization process to occur. Based on what researchers have discovered, the megalodon had many physical and behavioral similarities to the great white shark; however, one of the main differences between the two was that the megalodon was substantially more menacing and intimidating. Based on the locations that these teeth were unearthed, it is the firm belief that they thrived in the world’s warmer waters. Unfortunately, due to the fact that not much information has been determined regarding these incredible beings, the absolute reason of why they all died off is unknown. Skeptics feel as if the megalodon shark may possibly be in existence deep down in the ocean. But maybe we don’t find any recent teeth because they are so large and heavy, plus if megalodon is living in the deeper parts of the ocean the teeth might not make it to the shallower parts of the ocean before becoming buried in the sand. A couple years ago it took down a fishing boat no bodies where found and then began the search. I mean, who wouldn’t notice a 60 foot shark and a dramatically drop in whale population? Great whites are able to store body heat for months while they travel around the world and i believe that the megalodon has learned to conserve heat and have evolved to our water temperature. And the megoladon was know from either attacking from behind a prey at super speeds or from underneath.
Discovery channel was found falsifying evidence so they could get ratings from people like you who believe everything they see on TV and the internet.
Although I am sure it is very likely that a 70 foot long shark could totally be alive in the deepest depths of the ocean where fish population is allot less and they would not be able to stay fed. Most of the people posting about this topic have an IQ of about 12 and they are sure they exist.
Your supposed knowledge is lacking…I do in fact know what convection currents are, but it is obvious that you do not.
That would be wonderful, after all Bigfoot is spotted by all the rednecks busted up with pounds of crack imagining shit, then saying oh bob it’s Bigfoot! But according to the results of what the boat turned out to look like and the fact that the bodies were not found, people believe that it’s the megalodon. It main purpose was passenger and mail service on the transatlantic direction between Southampton,UK and New York. Harland & Wolff put 20% of their workforce in the construction work , approximately 3000 workers, 8 of them died. The policy of White Star Line did not include pomp, champagne or ceremonial naming of the ship. The Promenade deck was design to allow the passengers to walk, even in bad weather conditions, or just to sit on wooden deck chairs and enjoy the sea. It was with heated salt water and the depth was nearly six foot – perfect for swimming workouts or spa relaxations. She did not have her own crew, typical for that time, and the vast majority of members of the crew came on the board a few hours before the begging of the voyage. On April 14th 1912 , after receiving six warnings of sea ice, the crew of Titanic sighted an iceberg but they were traveling near maximum speed and were unable to turn quickly enough. One of the most technologically advanced vessel of that time was at the bottom of Atlantic Ocean. It is an adaptation of Walter Lord’s book of the same name, published in 1955 and it is based on the stories of sixty-three survivors from the Titanic disaster.
To prove that an eccentric billionaire from Australia, Clive Palmer, announced his intention to recreate Titanic ship into new Titanic 2 ship.
They were rather tall (the average height was 1.75 m or 5 ft and 10 in), with robust and muscular bodies, with a light brunette skin, dark and straight hair, and well marked cheek bones.
The weapons were a bow with arrows, a stone or bone knife, the tomahawk (an ax with a stone cut blade) plus a mace provided with a stone ball, a club resembling a sword and a shield made of wood or bark. The travois was attached through harnesses to the back of a horse and over the diverging sticks, dragged on the ground, it was placed a web in which the cargo was placed. From the skin they made portable tents, the harsh tongue was used as a polishing brush and the brain was used for feeding the children. During the winter each family hunted alone; when finding a small group of bisons, they were herded using dogs towards a swampy terrain, where they could be easily brought down. Without their help, the first English people in the New World would have not resisted to the tough winter of 1607-1608. The colonists started to mow the grass, for feeding cattle and horses, while pigs destroyed clam reserves.
From the animals introduced by Europeans, only the horse significantly affected the Indian way of life.
40 Iroquois camps were destroyed by the Americans as a revenge, and the survivors had to take refuge in Canada. Europeans got resistance to smallpox, TBC, chicken pox, flue, measles, malaria, yellow fever and typhus, in centuries. Thousands of miners crossed with the trains the hunting territories of the Indians and established in Indian territories. Still, they had to retreat and the greatest blow was the massacre of the bison herds, on which they relied for food. But he made a big counting error, as he faced in fact the largest group of Amerindians which had ever united forces: 3,000.
The Army had been sent to impede the religious Dance of the Spirits, meant to escape them of the white man and bring them back the bison herds. Since 1960, the number of Indians started to grow, and by 1990 they numbered 2 million people. This colossal being was not one to mess with, and although the megalodon is now extinct, its memory most definitely deserves to be respected and well known. As mentioned earlier, scientists are still trying to uncover particulars of this prehistoric shark, including their diet.
While it is true that we have not explored every inch of the world’s oceans, and it is likely that there are undiscovered species living in the depths of the waters, the belief that the megalodon shark may still be alive today has yet to be proven.
I mean, if it went extinct once, there is no way that it is going to repopulate out of the blue. But whales have been bitten in half from the tail fin Almost to the back of the dorsal fin(the fin on the middle of the shark).
We have had advances in technology for years, and trust me, some of the technology today is quite amazing. Even if it were possible for a Megalodon to survive in fresh water and actually thrive in that type of water, they would starve to death. Or a believer could argue that the shark would migrate to where the food is, in that case, they would have been discovered already.
You do realize that you not only went against a scientific fact that heat rises but you are also misleading people who are just as or almost as dumb as you are..
Just read some of the comments, they are genius’s of their own minds making up facts and everything. If kids can handle a bunch of lies being told to them on this forum, what is the harm in a couple of words that are as you would say naughty.
Even if there are under water volcanoes it still won’t be warm enough for a shark of that size to stay warm.
RMS Titanic total weight was 52,310 tons ( 46,328 gross register tons and with a draught of 10.54m).
Passengers who paid for pricey parlor suites also were provided with their own private promenades that were 50 meters long.

The story focuses on the love between two fictional characters from different social classes: Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) and Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio). But in fact, they were victims of the intrusion in their territory of the greediest predator they ever faced: the White Man. This misconception was then applied to all indigenous of the Americas, even if the habit is not employed by the natives of North America. The chin was strong, the nose aquiline, the lips were thin and the sharp black eyes were sunk in the sockets. Sometimes, the hunters got closer to the bisons disguised and shot down some animals with arrows. The pilgrim colony of Plymouth, Massachusetts, was established with the help of the Wampanoag Indians. The white people changed the environment, in a way that was unsuitable for the Indian way of life. During the 17th century, Spaniards introduced horses, which escaped in the now southwestern US (Texas and New Mexico).
Even those who fought on the side of the Americans lost: the negotiations took place under the gun point, even if they had not been conquered in that war, and their territories in New York and Pennsylvania were reduced to a small reserve in the New York state.
To put the Navajo out of the Arizona's Chelly Canyon, he tried to induce hunger on them, burning their crops. People kept just the skin of the animals, without touching their meat, and killed them by the thousands. Custer split his cavalry regiment into three and, without waiting help from the other two groups, he attacked with his 225 soldiers the Indians led by Sitting Bull, Gall, and Crazy Horse. Boarding schools contributed to this, as speaking Native languages was forbidden till a few decades ago there.
Yes these lengths are pretty impressive, but it does not even compare to the megalodon shark.
Two of the main speculations actually coincide with the belief that these sharks swam in warm waters.
Sharks are known for shedding hundreds of teeth on a regular basis; if the megalodon shark was still alive, they would be expected to shed the most teeth out of all of these sharks. Meg follows whale migrations and feeds on whales Discovery made a documentary trying to find it, and guess what, they suceded.
But studies have shown that the Megalodon is possibly still alive, maybe hiding, or even to a place so remote and off the maps, that we don’t even know they are there. It would be pretty damn hard to keep a 70 foot shark fed by much smaller and limited supply of a fresh water fish population.
I really enjoyed the comment that one idiot made about how warm it is at the bottom of the sea versus how cold it is at the surface. Yeah it makes total sense though that these monstrous sharks would be limited to existing at the very bottom of the ocean floor in only a very few spots where food sources are limited. Putting lies and bullshit in their minds from half the dumb asses on here is more damaging than a couple swear words. Even with today’s technology, the pressure deep down the ocean is to much for a submarine to go down. In less than 10 seconds her hull was ripped opened below the waterline for a length of 91 meters.
The ambitious project will be ready in 2016 and the new Titanic 2 ship is expected with great interest. In the Iroquois tribes, women had a lot of power: they could not be the chief of the tribe, but they chose him. During the displacements, small children were put in cradles made of birch bark, secured with skin belts. The Indians showed to the immigrants how to cultivate the land and enjoyed receiving fire guns and steel tools.
In 1787, a government decree recognized the right to their land of the Indians found north of the Ohio River.
8,000 Indians were forced to make the "Long Way", 500 km (300 mi) to the detention camp Bosque Redondo in Fort Sumner (New Mexico).
The Indians killed Custer, into a shirt victory for the Indians, and a bitter defeat for the American Army. Because of this, paleontologists have managed to uncover quite a few facts about these amazing creatures, and although many specifics are still being debated, there are a few things that most are definitely in agreement on. The exact lengths of these ancient sharks are still in discussion, however, we do know that the megalodon was approximately 40 to 70 feet (12 to 21m) long! During the time when these sharks were still living, the temperature of the oceans began to decrease. Just because you saw something big in the water does NOT mean its automatically a Megalodon. This way, they could easier hunt bisons with their arrows and the nomad tribes could easier attack the neighboring settled tribes, pillaging them for women and slaves. The cold killed many of the undernourished and poorly dressed Indians, and for shelter inside the reserve, the Navajo had to dig holes into the ground. In 1887, the Dawes Law shared the common land of the Indians in small individual households. In January 1996, Red Thunder Cloud (Carlos Westez), the last speaker of Catawba died at the age of 76, while he could not speak the language with anybody for years. At the time it was one of the last widespread non-avian dinosaurs, as evidenced by the discovery of many specimens throughout North America.T-Rex mythbusterDue to a variety of films depicting the T-rex in their own unique way, an accurate view of the species has been clouded.
The oceans’ steadily increasing colder temperatures may very well be what killed off the megalodon shark. So why can’t sharks the size of megoladons, if not the notorious shark itself still be lurking around in our deep waters.
We have looked so far into outer space that we could almost say we have reached our limit and we can basically already predict what we would find if we looked even farther.
The only time there will be a difference to that rule is in areas where there is underwater fissures or volcanoes which will not sustain life do to oxygen being removed from the immediate areas. The animal was cornered using dogs and it was killed with arrows, or very riskily with the knife in a body-to-body fight, as with a sole paw blow the bear could break the spine of the hunter. The horses allowed the Indians to follow the migrating herds of bisons and to increase the size of their tents and the number of domestic tools. For example, despite being a prominent star of all the Jurassic Park films, Tyrannosaurus rex did not exist in the Jurassic period (199-145 MYA). Another plausible belief is that the ancient shark’s preferred prey began to migrate to colder waters. Oh, we cant even find more than a tooth and a saucer sized vertebrae but all of a sudden scientists are experts on the Megalodons hunting techniques? No need in commenting further, if you are so brilliant like you claim to be, you would not only understand but also realize that the survival of this shark is completely against the odds if not impossible. The greatest hunt trophy for an Indian was wearing a collar made from the claws of a grizzly bear shot down by him. I believe that if the Megalodon was alive, at least 1 person out of millions an millions would actually see it. Further, for decades T-rex has been depicted as having green scaly skin.However, recent evidence suggests its skin colour was varied and, during the early years of its life, it probably sported insulative feathers.
For future reference, you probably navigated to the wrong area, this is not the chicks with dicks website you normally surf.
Such a large predator would not be able to go unnoticed for this long, take for example the huge whales and even the great white.
You straight up make up facts that a 4 year old knows is bullshit, but you think you are believable?
Not only will you not metaphorically or physically be able to kick my ass, you disgrace your use of the word science with ignorance and half truths. Tipi were sustained by large posts, stuck in the ground at one end, and converging at the upper end.
The tipi was decorated at the exterior with images counting war triumphs and hunting successes of the owner. Most whales are found in the middle between the top of the ocean and bottom, which is where our technology can reach.

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