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Contrast such superficial 'success' with the contributions made by individuals such as Mother Theresa, Booker T. Copies of the "Family Connection" character quiz (5 questions) to be completed at the end of the month just for fun.
Or another idea is putting each word of the definition on a separate piece of colored paper and used Plasti-Tac to stick it to the sliding glass door.
We review the definition and the 5 I will's very briefly each morning, and we do an activity from the website (free) four times per month, only on Mondays. Third Monday of the month - I play again the video of the animal story being read (it's been 2 weeks since they heard it the first time) and the children either do another very simple craft from the website or they build an image of that animal with our Thinking Putty.
Fourth Monday of the month - I read again the history story being read (it's been 2 weeks since they heard it the first time) and the children do another very simple craft from the website. Since then, I have studied long and hard, so that my female characters may no longer have the Exact Same Face. Up until then, all we had seen was concept art, which was so far removed from these that a lot of people thought they were faked, me among them. Unfortunately, I overestimated Disney, and it was revealed that these were the real character designs indeed. It’s important to understand how character design generally works at a studio such as Disney. Remember when I said that characters are specifically designed to speak to their personality? And okay, as I was getting at before, animated designs shouldn’t be restricted to just what actual people look like, and someone is inevitably going to mention that the villain in Frozen not only looked like a typical Disney prince, but he was also literally a prince.
But the principles were established over time, and you can see with Aurora that the leading ladies were receiving increasingly stylized faces and bodies.
In that image up there, you might notice that Rapunzel sticks out like a sore thumb, as the style of her design is a noticeable departure from the others.
In the concept and design stage of making an animated film, typically you portray one character with multiple faces, not multiple characters with the same face. Not only do they not resemble each other very much, but they don’t resemble Rapunzel a whole lot, either. And Disney has decided, either consciously or subconsciously, that there’s only one way to look beautiful. Keep in mind that the two male leads of Frozen, who are both intended to be physically attractive, look quite different.
Just as I was implying before, it’s much more common for women to come down with a bad case of Sameface Syndrome. That would be a drawing of Rapunzel, already looking quite infantile, with notes about updates about her design.
So no matter what you thought about Frozen, please don’t defend the character designs.
Let’s stop taking it at face value that all Disney princesses have the same body dimensions. I understand what you’re saying, I think, in that their bodies are a little more realistic?
Quick note: The thing about silhouettes is that they work for more cartoonish, graphic characters (like Spongebob Squarepants characters).

Reblogging for the silhouettes shown here, and also to confirm that yes, I was talking about the body type and not them being distinguished by their costumes & hairstyles. Students at Sailorway Middle School in Vermilion, OH were finishing the novel, The Westing Game, in their language arts classes. However, the students actually thought they were going to the reading of a will because Otis Amber, one of the characters from the novel, hand delivered letters to each of their classes. Little did the students know, clues had already been set up at South Street Elementary School for their surprise scavenger hunt.
Students arrived to South Street Elementary School at their scheduled time to witness their counselor, Mrs. Students were divided into 5 teams (blue, red, yellow, purple, and green) and given a case file with character bios and their first clue. The classes met back in Room B to discuss and evaluate the Scavenger Hunt before heading back to SMS. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. I admired him so much, in fact, that I caught him outside of class time and asked him to review a few of my personal character designs. I seriously believed that someone with too much time on their hands had photomanipulated some screenshots of Rapunzel and tried to pass them off as the official Frozen designs. To me, this speaks to a disturbing trend in Disney’s general approach towards designing female characters. Obviously, whether the characters are humans, animals, or inanimate objects, they’re always stylized to some extent.
Simplifying generally refers to condensing the character down to, more or less, a series of basic shapes. You see a little more variance in movies from, say, DreamWorks (not so much Pixar) but this rule still holds true for Disney. But remember, Frozen contains, in my opinion, the most problematic Disney character designs to date.
For many years, Disney’s women were much more realistically proportioned, largely due to their reliance on live models and rotoscoping.
But they overlook the fact that during the early days, Disney was literally making up the fundamentals of character design as they went along. And sure enough, Frozen’s earlier concept art showed a lot more variance in appearance between the two leading women. Even the way that many books teach you how to design female characters makes it much easier for inexperienced artists to fall into the trap. And while the story and the visuals may be different parts of a film that can and should be examined separately, they still are meant to inform each other, and come together in a cohesive way.
I’ve written about this before, particularly in reference to her, as well as the Queen in Snow White. In case it wasn’t clear, I have issues with it precisely because it appears over and over and over in animation and reflects problems in current beauty standards.
It’s something that happens to images of real models and celebrities all the time, too. I don’t mean to sound too critical and I just write too much by nature, but at times it almost seemed like you were arguing against a straw man, at least considering that you were seemingly referencing my blog.

I was also hoping to see silhouettes of the princesses, that would have been interesting since I’m guessing it might really highlight what you’re saying about same-face! The Disney princesses for the most part actually do not have interesting silhouettes since characters with semi-realistic proportions- this does not allow for a lot of dynamism or iconography. Whether they know it or not, Disney could very well be reinforcing the societal misconception that the only acceptable beauty is über-thin and young. To add a twist of excitement, the students were invited to take part in a scavenger hunt at South Street Elementary School with Mr. Each clue had an item such as the one shown below that corresponded to a character in the book, The Westing Game. They were given 2 flashlights and sent into the dark school to locate objects that answer their clues. After all, there was no way that a major animation studio like Disney would knowingly, willfully produce three princesses with the Exact Same Face. Essentially, you end up implying what a character’s moral grounding is based on how they look.
Cartoon characters have big eyes and big heads because it’s easier to make them expressive that way. These were the early days of animation, and there were no books or classes about this; everyone with a hand in the game was a pioneer. That’s why my characters looked the way they did (well, okay, that and all my mediocre skills). And children (especially little girls) pick on this shit and begin internalizing it very early.
Upon learning this, students were directed to Room B to watch a video from the suspect and receive directions to play the game that will save their teacher (Hint: Mr.
Then, they were given the combination to unlock the character bios with photographs, so students could see the picture of who did it. As far as exaggeration is concerned, you mostly take the character’s physical traits and push them to the extreme. If you want them to look exactly like real people, you go make a live-action movie instead. They found out that some of the characters look familiar because the photos were switched with staff members from Sailorway Middle School. When you’re trying to improve your diversity, making your characters actually look different is a good place to start. It was up to the students to solve the clues and identify which character went with each clue.
There is of course a middle ground between the two, which is why, say, Rapunzel appears to be younger than Cinderella at first glance…but more on that later.
How did a design mistake that would get you called out in a beginning animation class end up in a major Disney release?

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