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Words are  very powerful; they can either inspire you to greatness or make you feel like crap. Words that are very inspirational, even if they were uttered by someone from many centuries ago, can brighten  our day and uplift our souls. Tumblr is a popular microblogging and social media website which currently hosts over 19.3 million blogs. Just like Pinterest, Tumblr also attracts people who loves  visual experience: From funny GIFs to inspirational nursing quotes, there are just so many things to love about Tumblr.

For nurses who are looking for places other than Pinterest to express their frustrations, experiences, and knowledge, Tumblr is definitely something to consider. However, there are times when our character is tested and we feel as though every pinch of inspiration to do our job well has left us.
These quotes are extremely helpful especially during trying times at work, like when we’re dealing with demanding patients or coping with one death after another. After all, were all given a choice ever day: to wallow in self-pity or push ourselves to achieve great things despite our imperfections.

It is the reality that whoever and wherever you are, Nursing will always be a job worth having and a vocation worth fighting for.

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