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You are meant to live a sacred life—a life of purpose, meaning and direction… You have been sent into the world for a purpose.
At some point you will come to realize that the life you are living is really not appropriate for you. There are many poems, picture, quotations and songs that mention and express the feelings of love.

This purpose requires you to enter a new kind of life experience—a different state of mind, a different awareness of yourself and others and a different relationship with the world itself.
To do these things is your destiny, you see, and destiny is everything… Read more about how to live a sacred life. It is a compromise with how you regard yourself, how you regard others, how you regard the world.

And though this realization may be resisted, maybe it will be denied, and further compromises will be sought, in actuality it represents the beginning of a great hope for you… Keep reading about building a bridge to a new life.

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