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There have been a lot of times within the last year, where my positivity has gone out the window. One of the ways to live your best life, and stay positive, is to remove the negative influences in your life. House hunting is the worst, but the three times I have done it to be honest there were a million misses and frustration in the thought that we would never find a house, then when we walked into the one we eventually bought we knew each time this was it.
I am most happy when I am with my husband and two sons, they help me remember what is most important, the simple things and times with the ones you love. I try to stay positive most of the time but during the stressed out, negative times I usually look back and realize I was making a mountain out of a molehill. I believe that everything happens for a reason and even though it may not be clear now, eventually it will be. I think that you make a great point, a lot of times we can choose to be happy or become overwhelmed and upset. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We aren’t watching things or moments pass by, or sitting around wallowing in our pity when others are out doing fun things.
It is extremely frustrating to know that others are receiving long-term sub jobs, or even full time jobs, but not me. She has faced a lot in her life, both good and bad, and has remained positive throughout it all. I find that it’s so important to have at least someone who brings happiness, joy and love into your life.

There will always be disappointing things in life, but you can’t let that get you down.
I try my best to surround myself with positive people so others aren’t bringing me down. I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea that happiness is a choice lately, and I think that keeping a positive attitude and choosing to look on the bright side of things is one of the biggest things that determines our level of happiness. I saw it on another blog this week and I think I will make one of my own to post next week!
I obviously have no idea the background on any candidates, just that I let the negative thoughts creep in. I have had many job interviews, and have now been able to learn about multiple school districts around my house. Are there times when you just need time to be sad, but then snap out of it and are happy again?
Everyone has to go through hard times in their life, but doing so with a positive attitude is what really makes the difference. Have a few different stressful things going on right now and need to keep focusing on the positive to keep a good perspective about it all.
All I was doing was letting the negative thoughts of not finding a house get in the way of finding the house. At the beginning of the year, I heard about others receiving jobs and immediately went into a state of depression, and became upset. Sure, sometimes it is nice to just deal with feelings of being upset without thinking positively.

I immediately think negatively when I see what they have been doing, but not in a jealous way, at all.
Negative people can really get you down, so I think having positive friends is such a good thing. That being said, there are definitely times where I feel like I just have to ride out a funk and wake up feeling better the next day. I really hope it doesn’t stay like that forever ?? it has to make going to work that much harder! I can’t imagine the stress in putting a house up for sale- especially with young kids!
Instead of thinking what might become of a house, I immediately thought this isn’t our house. It might only take 5 minutes of wallowing to let it pass and move on, and sometimes that is what I need.  Most of the time, though, thinking of the positive snaps you out of your mood and gets you back on the road of life. I love that you were able to turn such negative situations into positives, that truly shows so much about your character, darling!
She searches every night for houses that may have come up or what we could do to certain houses to make them better. So, in a way, not having a job was a blessing in disguise, but I didn’t have a chance to think about that; I just thought negatively.

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