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I wonder about everything that has happened to me and why they couldn't have happened to anyone else.
We may not be the same little girls that we were when we were little, but everything that has happened has made us better and stronger people. I selected this quote because I was always thought that there are different acts of kindness, ranging from small to big.
It's the real fact of everyone but unfortunately we all forget that and just follow other people.
I have got all these resources from the internet which are public and obtained as such from search engines.

It may be that Allah will forgive them for their ignorance and hold you accountable for your arrogance. My parents were having trouble with their relationship and they did things to each other that made me hate my life at some points because of the things I witnessed.
As we got used to living in another place, my sister & I have made so many new friends and have learned to move on with our lives.
I have always been the kind of girl who speaks very little and struggled hard to change myself according to what other people said. And the person who made me realize this was my best friend (whom I really miss now as we're apart from each other and I miss her a lot!

We have enough negativity going on around the world, why don't we all just take a moment and scatter some seeds of kindness around?

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