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Look back and see what you have made it through, then you will know that you ARE going to make it through these hard times. Share this picture quote as Whatsapp status, Facebook status and other social media platforms using the Share buttons at the bottom. Blogger on topics including Life Skills such as Learning, Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Motivation, and Social Skills. Story on How to hire a hard working manager: One day Smith went to apply for any managerial position in a large corporation.

Explanation about happy quote However busy you are, find some time for your happiness every day and make others happy.
Indeed, the holidays are the best season for businesses, especially in the retail industry.
A friend who sells in bazaars, actually works only during this season – and then spends the rest of the year traveling.
She can afford to do this because her income during the holidays is enough to support her family for the whole year!

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