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They reach the first elevation, and the red sun, illuminating their faces at a sharp angle, lights up the boundless snowfield ahead. The valley below seems far removed, and because it is still in the shade it appears gray and unreal.
He looks back again because once they have left the steep ascent behind he wona€™t be able to see the valley again for a long time.
The salt mountain near Hallstatt, where people have been mining salt for thousands of years. Soon they will break into the giant treasure chamber down there; they will rummage through it and pretend to be great saviors. Of course he had not been personally involved in the details; he had simply covered up a clandestine transport now and then, just as police will escort a heavy transport through narrow roads in peacetime.
He had often been in the region for business because this was the seat of governments that had to temporarily evacuate their own countries and retreat to the mountains: The Slovaks, the Hungarians, the Croats. The allied governments and their staffs needed headquarters, and more and more villas had to be confiscated, preferably those with high gables and gingerbread alcoves. The a€?ancient Austriana€? job that Himmler had mocked him about, was far more important than that dimwitted elementary school teacher had guessed. Caesars, Czars, and emperors will burn their cities when the end approaches; but the police chief must remain and hand over his business to his successor. Back then, he had taken on the thankless task of overseeing the final affairs of the Reich. Once things calm down, dispassionate researchers may obtain those hidden files a€“ they are meant to be examined by experts, not by demagogues and narrow minds. The issue of the salt mine had come up while he was securing important files as the government and staff headquarters of friendly nations were transformed into internment sites.
As the leader of the Reicha€™s Security Office he had nothing to do with the plans and orders of a Gauleiter, he had balked. The official continued to talk about the art treasure and about employment opportunities for the future. While the mining official talked, the GruppenfA?hrer mused that the miners were most likely more concerned with their jobs than with a rare monstrance, the Ghent Altarpiece, or Diana, Bathing.
He told the mining official that he could not and did not want to give the Gauleiter any directives.
He arranged a telephone call to the Gauleiter who was riding things out in a village on the other side of the Dead Mountains, having abandoned his district capital right after he had given the order to fight to the last man. The Gauleitera€™s voice was hoarse and sleepy, and he threatened disciplinary action if his orders were not executed.
He is drunk as a skunk, Kaltenbrunner thought bitterly, and the Gauleitera€™s voice disgusted him. The conversation was barely over when the miners began to urgently prepare for the removal of the bombs from the mineshaft. Nevertheless, the Gauleiters, those upstarts, had prevailed in the selection of a location. Himmler, Mauthausen commandant Ziereis, and Kaltenbrunner at the concentration camp Mauthausen. Once the wind dies down and the sun breaks through, you simply push through the heavy blanket of snow and a wide expanse will be all around you, glittering innocently. That is how it will be when he returns from this long hike, when law and order reign once more.
Up to 800 SS troops were deployed to this mountain region at times and yet, eventually they no longer captured deserters and escapees from the concentration camps.
At any rate, the romantic game of hide-and-seek in caves and ravines had never held much allure for him.
He remembers an anecdote from 1933 that he had often told to ingratiate himself to the local Lutherans.
Those evacuations to the mountains must be demoralizing to the civilians; he had known it from the start. But wasna€™t this the true reason why even the massive recent deployment of SS in search of escapees and deserters had not yielded any results?
The ranger walks slowly ahead at a steady pace and Kaltenbrunner follows, almost cheerfully, even though the heavy backpack is beginning to hurt his back and shoulders.
Of course none of the people he had suggested for political office will be glad about the a€?nomination.a€? They will all try to distance themselves, but others, who are not on the list, will accuse them of collaboration. By outlining his thoughts on a new government, he had shown that he cares for his stricken country at a time when everyone else focuses on personal worries.
This whole Wassermann thing just goes to show that he has always been a man who abhors extremism. Yes, once, it was a long time ago, he had been invited to this thing and he had reluctantly participated with a fairly large contingent of SS, even though he was always annoyed to visit the camp that ruined the landscape.
Camp commander Ziereis explained that the plan was to make executions less noticeable and less stressful for both the executor and the delinquent. A demonstration of about two-dozen executions was staged for the committee, and it was a success. They have not read the book of our polar explorers Payer and Weyprecht, Kaltenbrunner thinks, or they would know about the perfidies of the snowy desert, at least in theory. Kaltenbrunner and the ranger eat dry bread and prunes, watching the others with a hint of annoyance and mockery as they finish their drink. His well-defined sense of family differed from the habits of most of his colleagues who mistook a great era for an era of licentiousness.
Once he returns from the Dead Mountains and has weathered the situation, he will rejoin the patriotic bourgeoisie, and everything will be as it was; a bit milder perhaps than before, but the new way of life will be based on wisdom and reformed experience. He will gain wisdom, and he will be ready for questions, not just for the first few, which will undoubtedly be malevolent, but also for questions from intellectuals, which will come later. He sold us out to Germany, they will say, and then he will refresh the short memory of his fellow countrymen, although it would be better to remain silent because what he has to say wona€™t be popular. Walking behind the ranger, his head lowered, the ObergruppenfA?hrer ponders the cynical remark of a well-known sculptor who had made a fine living through state commissions and recently took off to a remote valley. The waves will settle and a time will come when people will no longer get bent out of shape over every small detail.
Ziereis, pleased with the success of the experiment, wanted to put his best foot forward even though it was close to noon and the committee members were hungry.
He is concentrating on his own thoughts now and does not want to expend energy by disciplining others.
The wet snow has softened the leather of their shoes and the cold moisture creeps up their toes. The silence is so nerve-racking that they welcome the ugly cries of a swarm of crows gliding above them.
The oak is held in high esteem as a hardy plant, but the connoisseur knows better: What rich soil and abundance of water it requires! Toward evening -- it is getting very cool now -- they reach the small hut, which is roofed with gray shingles and tucked away in the deep snow. The ranger, who is least exhausted from the long march, shovels the snow from the entrance and they stagger trough the hole down into the cold hut.
Tomorrow, I will start to work on my defense right away; they will not find me unprepared, the ObergruppenfA?hrer thinks before he falls asleep. Kaltenbrunner looks on as he glides slowly across the snow field, following in the track that they had set the day before.
Right then he makes a deeply unsettling discovery: The hut is situated on a slight elevation above the hilly snowfield, and their track can be seen all the way to that hill. Fritz Moser, the ranger who led the Kaltenbrunner party and reported the fugitive Kaltenbrunner to the American forces. Three days later, a troop of enemy soldiers showed up to arrest the ObergruppenfA?hrer and his companions. At trial in Nuremberg, Kaltenbrunner stuck with his defense argument for a long time: True, he had held a high office, and there were documents bearing his signature. The ObergruppenfA?hrer turned ashen at the testimony and his body, which he had held strictly erect, slumped. Ziereis, you did not keep your word -- you said you would replace the crew -- he thought and knew: It is over. Not a single track leads into the vast expanse; the last storm has buried everything under snowdrifts. But when the war approached the borders of the Reich, it had become necessary to evacuate and protect valuable art. Stolen by the Nazis, the panels were stored in the salt mine and discovered there by American troops in 1945. The FA?hrera€™s Police Chief cana€™t very well play museum director and chief curator of the Reich in addition to his regular duties. The colorful and show-stopping uniforms were reminiscent of Bad Ischl in 1910 or, even better, in 1908, on the occasion of Franz-Josepha€™s 60 year jubilee: lots of pomp and circumstance, much diplomatic discourse, and plenty of laissez-faire corruption. Waterproof steel chests containing money and important documents were being lowered into cold mountain lakes, squirreling goods away for tomorrow, providing for the day after tomorrow.

He must know which files to hand over immediately and which ones to reserve for later, so that they wona€™t fall into the wrong hands.
It will take a long time for the world to understand the extent and significance of his work, and much will never be known because the valleys leading to the Dead Mountains are deep, and the lakes, framed by tumbling vertical cliffs, are bottomless.
He alone will be able to assist in the writing of records about the transfer of power, records that will be important historical documents when law and justice have returned. A mining official reported that he had gotten word that the Gauleiter intended to blow up the old salt mine. Heavily armed SS guards were posted in front of his office, still ready to go the distance, whatever it took.
The ObergruppenfA?hrer was curious to see if such a difficult telephone connection was still possible, but his phone turned out to be in pristine condition. He, and no one else, was in charge of his province; that had not changed, thank you very much. Next, they moved the giant ordnance out of the mine, past the SS guard, and stored them in the forest. Their motto was: Each camp a€“ a fortified castle a€“ should be on a hill, so that they would have a nice view on their business trips there or whenever an inspection was due. An area with small, shadowy ridges behind an elevation seemed to rise like an ocean tide from the mountain; a white, glittering wall lead into the skies. They suggest to the inexperienced hiker that he is already near his destination and does not need to pay attention to a small cloud that is slowly beginning to slide in front of the sun. All traces are gone; the white land has become terra incognita, to be walked upon for the first time, and the struggle and fatigue are forgotten and done with.
In one of the local valleys, all of the people of a village had converted to the protestant faith in 1781, after Joseph II had decreed religious freedom: great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and child. The government had begun to amputate its own limbs:A  the skeleton staff of an allied government in the villa over here, an anxious staff of foreign diplomats in that one over there a€“ those were the signs that the Reich was falling apart. Whatever the reaction to his manifesto may be, nobody can accuse him, Kaltenbrunner, of being the kind of man who just leaves his post without caring about the future.
After all a€?Wassermanna€™s kinda€? do not belong in a neat Aryan cemetery but should be in a sloppy Jewish graveyard. Following the shot, the delinquents fell forward as if struck down by lightning and were taken to the morgue. The two adjutantsa€™ faces shine with sweat, and they curse as they throw the heavy backpacks in the snow.
When the wind begins to pick up, they strap on their skis again and glide deeper into the white valleys and hills that extend to the horizon. His pension wona€™t be large, because his years of service in the Reich had been short, even if his rank had been high. He shrugged off a mocking question about the current prospect for commissions: a€?There wona€™t be much work for a while.
Of course there wona€™t be any great trials and corporate contracts for a while; most likely hea€™ll be jailed for a period of time.
Nobody can take offense if the chief of police has not been a friend to dealers who worked the black market, to farmers who butchered meat without permission, and to folks who secretly listened to enemy radio. The Asian influence will always be something to watch out for, and solid results are what make the difference. He pushed open the door to the morgue to show that everything had worked cleanly and without a hitch. Instead, they were entangled, as if all the lifeless bodies had crawled toward each to form a pyramid. He only takes note when one of his companions begins to complain and questions whether all of the heavy gear is really needed. Whenever they cross old drifts, the snow sticks to their skis in thick layers, and they have to slide over their poles to scrape it off.
The ranger wona€™t let them rest anymore because it is better to stagger through the snow half blind than to no longer be able to get up from a break.
Then he drops into oppressive dreams, but in the end he is delivered by pale pink primula minima. But a second track curves next to it, sometimes close to their own, sometimes farther away, as if a wolf had pursued a flock. Upon examination of the identification papers, there were serious doubts that they had found the right people.
He was underweight, and his nose protruded sharply from his narrow face, like the beak of a bird of pray.
In peacetime the farmers would clear their pastures this time of the year, burning moss and dead leaves. But only at first, during the lawless phase, because soon it will be clear thatA  it was he, none other, who had prevented the dangerous fool still sitting over there beyond the mountains from blowing up the most valuable art treasure in all of Europe. Nevertheless, he had accomplished something positive that could not possibly be overlooked after his return from the snowfield.
But it took someone who really knew what to do, and this job a€“ he had gently informed the FA?hrer in Berlin about it -- had become bitter and challenging. But how he used to love the town with its cool wind, bright lakes, and translucent beech and pine woods that were so different from the rugged Austrian fir forests. He got through to the Gauleiter and told him that he, Kaltenbrunner, had ordered to abort the plans to blow up the salt mines. It had been a camp for Serbian prisoners during the first war, and a cholera epidemic had killed thousands of foreign soldiers then. The two thousand meter range, which they approached now, seemed to be far below them, cones rising gently from the valley. Then the white, vertical wall turns a dull shade of gray and the expanse becomes demanding and dangerous. Since the counter-reformation, they had never wavered from their faith, one hundred and fifty long years.
There was a desperately jovial air about the makeshift camp: The exotic uniforms and many, many, bottles of brandy must have had a depressing effect on the citizens who still believed in the system, and a hopeful sign to those who did not.
Once half a village has switched sides, even if that half is still silent, these desperadoes can no longer be apprehended. On the eve of his departure, he had written a declaration, which he deliberately left behind in his office.
As they are passing a tiny graveyard on a gentle slope above the lake, Kaltenbrunner remembers that Jakob Wassermann was buried here in 1934.
Didna€™t even Goethe misjudge Heinrich von Kleist, and Schiller misjudge Friedrich von HA¶lderlin? It worked like this: The condemned man would stand with his back to a measuring rod, just as if he were getting a military physical anywhere in the world.
After the break they stagger under the weight of their heavy backpacks until they regain the balance of slow gliding. When will he be able to raise his children again, after higher powers had kept him away so often and for so long?
He was not one of those loud upstart platoon leaders who, as soon as they makes general, will get drunk and throw glasses against the wall, always ready to stick his hands under the skirts of a plump prostitute.
But eventually there will be a backlog and he will be able to get involved as a discreet consultant behind the scenes. If you want to avoid anarchy and mob rule, you have to dip into the great existing reservoir of power. Kaltenbrunner no longer objects when his companions put snow on their flushed faces while they rest or eat snow during the march.
Shouldna€™t they lighten their load a bit, the way an army will during the advancing phase of a campaign or a€“ he almost chokes on the word -- during retreat? They say that the larch is unusually tough, because it sheds its needles in the fall to prevent evaporation. They lost their sense of space and time long ago; the terrain ahead looks exactly as the terrain behind them.
The identification cards were in order, and the three military doctors declared that they had intended all along to go back down to the valley within the next few days to offer their services and assist with the grave public health situation. Now that the enemy is about to arrive, the ObergruppenfA?hrer reasons, nobody will think of such chores. He could not even speak openly about those plans for fear of risking a dangerous charge of defeatism.
If the shaft was to be blown up, the cavern walls would crumble and bury everything: the Ghent Altarpiece, thousands of paintings, and the jobs of the miners. A bishop who was occasionally volunteering as a medic there also succumbed to the epidemic.
There have to be physicians who dona€™t seem surprised when such leg fractures occur frequently.
A poacher knows this terrain better than a ranger, because from a young age he had to learn how to watch the rangera€™s tracks and avoid them. Many local government officials were already cut off from power even though people still raised their arms to salute them.

One or the other had been given a hard time later, but not too much, just to put him in his place.
After all, it would not be long until this Wassermann fellow would be forgotten along with his long-winded books. While the horizontal board descends on the mana€™s head, someone behind the wall pulls a trigger.
They are punching a hole through the lid with the pick of a pocketknife and greedily lap up the juice. He did not join the movement as a desperado but as a highly educated man with a well-defined sense of tradition and the prospect of a solid career.
And didna€™t that other one, the statesman of 1918 and 1919 declare publicly that he will gladly vote a€zyesa€? in the referendum? And after that, the solid old connections will be resurface, first those from the day before yesterday and then those from yesterday a€“ some things are made to last. Bodies slid over one another, limbs twitched, and then one of the figures raised itself half way and screamed in a shrill voice: a€?Ooooo-aaaya€? as if the entire heap were about to mount an attack. Who wants to keep working with the same guys after a botched job like this?a€? His gaze lingered dreamily on the face of the small man with the hooked nose, who stood at attention next to the oven. But its monastic asceticism is of no use; it does not thrive above a certain elevation, not even as a scraggly shrub.
Even its fire is evidence of its fine, solid quality: A larch log crackles in the fire, and its sap splatters useless in all directions. He was not one to seek the spotlight; the FA?hrera€™s police chief needs no gaudy advertisement. Unfortunately, their own product, masterfully forged five pound notes, was beginning to mysteriously circulate as well. He had to pass the whole thing off as a special trick that they were going to pull out of their sleeve, even though they were really dealing with their final retreat. And was he not a relevant player on the map of history, having brought Vienna to Potsdam, joining together two ideologies that complemented each other perfectly?
Is the chief of police also the supervisor of the chief jail warden, and does the president of the Superior Court report to the director of traffic violations or to the central finance office for traffic violations? The insult -- a€zyou clown!a€? -- will surely become a bonmot, because the Gauleitera€™s first name was August. Lawlessness was beginning to carry as much weight as the authorities that were still officially in charge. What good are 800 troops in the Dead Mountains, when most of them had never set foot in high alpine terrain?
And they were all poachers, those who had returned to the Dead Mountains via Spain, from Dachau and from other camps. But a community that has been part of an underground movement for 150 years will not simply come clean and say: a€?Here I stand and cannot do otherwise!a€? - as dazzling as that may seem. On the other hand it was advantageous to have them around along with their a€?courts.a€? Otherwise, they might have been able to ingratiate themselves to the enemy by volunteering all kinds of intelligence before they would be hanged. In the immense expanse, the small party looks like a troop of ants working its way toward a mysterious destination. No, he was the one who prevented a big explosion, going so far as shouting at the Gauleiter, who had wanted to blow everything up. Or was it anger that someone had fled the death trap to escape on a pilgrimage across the mountain like a€?Mary Crossing the Mountainsa€??
Now, it will be a mitigating factor when people talk of his a€?campaign against the Jewsa€? - and talk they will. It will be a time of leisure, albeit enforced leisure; an opportunity to think everything through and really rise above it all. Both are among the movers and shakers in Vienna now that the capital has fallen, as if they had no skeletons in their closets. A high-ranking individual like him has unique insight into the complexity of certain cases that will give him an advantage when it comes to suggesting solutions. After an awful second of sheer horror, a few sentries rushed over and shot the gravely wounded figures. The stone pine on the other hand grows even in the highest elevations and its trunk does not look the worse for it. The ranger points them out with his walking stick, but only Kaltenbrunner lifts his gaze; the others do not bother to look up and keep trotting along in a stupor. He stands at the rim of the snowfield, and his heart beats anxiously as he considers that he will have to return to a completely changed world once the time comes to climb down from the Dead Mountains. These born traders had their contacts everywhere, like gypsies, and they had to be watched, because the Americans, those born master hagglers, were on the lookout. Kaltenbrunner had foreseen it: Devout folk everywhere would draw comparisons, roll their eyes, dab them with their apron strings and agitate people with their complaints. That was standard procedure, and the result was a leg fracture for the woodworker, right on the job.
A simple fracture heals in two or three months at most.A  How decrepit must a system be if it has a projected life span of just two to three months? Such people are used to avoid attention from the Church, the emperor, and the law enforcement. Once, they hear a distant trembling and rumbling: There must be avalanches far below near the steep path. He cana€™t help but chuckle about that expression a€“ chewing on something a€“ it shows that he is getting acclimated to the vernacular of his region again. The weapon has a silencer, so that it makes hardly any sound in the basement of the crematorium. In the midst of rock it still sports a billowing green, far juicier than that of a fir in the moist shady forest. He will think more about this phenomenon during his time of involuntary idleness, as no comprehensive study of the German forest at these elevations has been done yet.
Arrest them, I know them very well.a€? Kaltenbrunner looked at him, but the ranger did not avoid his gaze.
They will show up for the Corpus Christi parade, will say the rosary, and fall on their knees at the drop of a at; that is the flip side of life in the underground and also the flip side of loyalty.
When it happens, he will be able to point out that he personally took steps to preserve the grave of Jakob Wassermann, and that he did not exactly win any friends for it.
Then they will eat even more snow during the rest of the march and will arrive at the destination without a voice and an inflamed throat. If his demeanor seemed cold and reserved at times, it was because he always focused on the issue at hand and not on the person. Of course, some things will have to be handled deftly in the urgent face of the crisis, and there will be a lot of issues to clear up and detangle. After emotions abate, reason returns, and after retreating for a while he will be able to let the facts speak for themselves.
Sometimes, he had ridden out a storm in a snow hole for two days with just his camping stove. But these folks dona€™t have any clients during times of military progress and victory, because the prospect of glory, booty, and a victorious return are a better deal than artificial gonorrhea or a custom-made broken leg. But there was a famous spa nearby; this was not Lidice or Oradour, and they could not make it alone, without accomplices, lots of them. Tomorrow these shared ideas will be unpopular, but the day after tomorrow nobody will care.
Kaltenbrunner noticed the beaked nose that resembled a bird of prey, rendering the narrow face even narrower. One should always steer clear of deposed executives in uncertain times a€“ they can bring a good man down. He had a reputation for being so surefooted in the mountains that nobody ever sent a search party, even if he was two days overdue. History teaches us that right now it would be a mistake to take every loyal and pithy gesture around here at face value. They will exaggerate everything and talk about millions of victims, as if they had counted them.
They are just lip service: Protestantism bowing to the rosary was the same thing as sabotage right under the party flag that still billows in the breeze.
But he will be able to point out calmly: I personally protected Jakob Wassermanna€™s gravestone!
Everyone was very pleased when he accepted an invitation, but at a loss about how to approachA A  him after he had arrived, simply because he did not encourage familiarity. If obstacles need to be removed quickly and without fuss they will have to rely on people like him who had known and understood the intrinsic rules and the background of the game. Of course, there will be inconveniences for the FA?hrera€™s police chief after all those tragic events.

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