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Quality Management, (QM) or formally known as Quality Assurance, has been around for decades.
Most contact centers capture 100% of all voice interactions which allows for more options when identifying and analyzing true trends. A QSDD is a document that outlines and details the necessary information that should be evaluated and focused on when performing an evaluation.
Agents and supervisors alike should all have a part in managing and updating the document as business needs change by participation in calibrations, focus groups and trend analysis discussions based of off phone interactions.
The ideal focus of a monitoring form; specifically when aligned to the QSDD, is to ensure all corporate objectives are being met on customer interaction. These basic standards for QM can provide great value to your organization and customers if practiced and executed consistently. To learn more about what Quality Management and Workforce Optimization solutions fit your organization’s needs, please explore our Resource Finder.
The art and science of determining just how good an organization and its front line agents are performing is a process that continues to evolve.

These recordings can be used with a Speech Analytics solution to help identify calls that need evaluation. It also should contain the overall guidelines and procedures of the Quality Management program including examples of the positive and negative behaviors to observe during the call monitoring process.
Continuous and consistent review of the QSDD is important so that employees understand how their performance will be measured as well as favorable vs.
Call calibration consist of evaluators wanting to standardize the scoring and monitoring process. Other valuable attributes to implement with your QM program include integrated coaching and training, performance reviews, scorecards, and incenting.
Call centers must utilize technology that can analyze data from all calls, to ensure that important insights aren't missed. This is a hybrid approach using automation and personnel to complete the evaluation process.
The goal is to have everyone arrive at or close to the same score when evaluating the same call.

A growing number of companies are using the “analytic driven quality” at 100% recording to assist with a needs based QM program. The following four best practices are based on results from QATC studies, various research and overall best practices identified by various contact center industry experts and analysts such as DMG Consulting, Frost & Sullivan, and ICMI.
However, most organizations evaluate less than 1% of an agent’s total monthly calls for quality. That sample size is too small to provide an accurate reflection of how that agent is performing or how your organization is doing.

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