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While I was doing the activities, there were questions to which they could agree with or not agree with.
This statistic shows the results of a 2013 survey among Americans aged 16 and older regarding the qualities they are looking for in a close friend.
But as a girl, there are certain things they should know before starting a relationship with someone. As usual, I drew a stick-figure male on the white board and asked the girls about what good qualities and bad qualities they expect from their partner. When they finished sharing all of these qualities, I changed the stick-figure male into a stick-figure female, and asked, “DO YOU HAVE ALL OF THESE QUALITIES?” They were surprised!

When I asked why this was so, some replied that when their fathers hit their mothers, all of the children sided with the mothers and, thus, tried to help their mothers get away from their fathers. Having a relationship means that not only one side takes responsibility, but that both sides do. They thought about it, and then realized that it is a bit difficult getting these same things from themselves, instead of getting them from a partner. In doing this, they were thinking that their mothers and her children have more bonds due to this. It was a good point, according to their point of view, and described that it shouldn’t be like that.

These types of lessons are things that they do not learn from either school or the outside world.

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