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Here are ten steps to help you better understand and implement the very valuable message of The Law of Attraction.  And by the way, I’ve met several of the fellow teachers featured in “The Secret” and most are energetic, loving, giving, accomplished, busy helping many others, seemingly happy and at peace with themselves – hardly losers, but rather heroes in my eyes. When we try to think and feel positively, we fall on our faces because we’re denying how we truly think and feel and are simply trying to paint a happy face on top of less happy thoughts and feelings. When we think we can simply manipulate our thoughts, feelings and beliefs to get what we can, we may forget that we are not alone on this planet and everything any of us does affects everyone else.
What are you saying, watching, or listening to?  Who are you associating with?  What stories do you tell?  Yes, our minds are like computers, and if we put garbage in, we will get garbage out.
Let go of your oars and go with the flow.  When we try and impose our will on ourselves and everything and everyone else, we lose track of our essence and our humanity.
Contrary the rampant consumerism in America, the one who has the most toys when they die does not win! Kick-Ass Law of Attraction and Vision Board Digital Product - Your Kick Ass Life Coaching Kick-Ass Law of Attraction and Vision Board Digital ProductMost people I meet want something. Combine right thinking and feeling with right action and then you truly have a winning combination. The most powerful way to move forward is to illuminate the inner negatives, but let go of them and uncover or make room for the inner positive ones, which are right here, right now. Not only it is likely that Bob has played more golf courses than any living person, he has been an accomplished player and instructor, holds a Ph.D.

More money, more love, better relationships, to change careers, more confidence, the list goes on. You only experience through your senses and tiny experiences reality.  And as people begin to experience this for themselves, they also experience tremendous relief and greater clarity.
It’s simply the Law of Attraction.When I first heard of it, I thought it was a bunch of yahoo. But, at that time I was at the end of my rope, tired of thinking I was doing things wrong and hoping and praying that if only the people around me would change, I could get what I wanted. I was ready (okay, a little desperate) to try something new.I made my first vision board with a pencil and paper (scroll down to watch a video where I show you the actual drawing + pictures of what I manifested). It’s a lot more than just cutting out pictures from magazines, pasting them together and hanging it in your closet. Key elements that I will teach you.I’ve taught this process in 2 live workshops and have been asked numerous times to hold this event virtually. Check out what people have said about this workshop:“So, I wanted to tell you I had a manifestation from my board within a week! I had devoted a whole quadrant of my board to an island getaway… with pictures of various tropical places, but the words specifically Kauai, and Maui (Maui being the one most in my heart). The workshop was January 7th, and on January 14th, by boyfriend texted me at work and said Maui… here we come!

I am creating things anyway… just not what I want! Thank you sooo much for your amazing reminders and encouragement in creating my dreams! I’m free — watch out dreams here I come!I have to thank you for helping me to identify and understand my fear and do it anyway. If I just trust and let go of the how and constantly questioning it all.I had a picture of a money tree on my vision board. Money isn’t growing on the trees in my yard (yet), but new opportunities have been popping up for me to make more money!
Have been straight on the net looking for more so that’s my usual sign that there’s something in it for me, I look to know everything I can!
I know that the Law of Attraction requires conscious efforts on my part. Trust, belief and self-love are the foundation.

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