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A primary focus of positive psychology is to help people identify and build on their unique strong points. The work of Isabel Briggs Myers  and Katherine Briggs pre-dates the current positive psychology movement but is seldom included in the supporting works that are cited in the positive psychology literature. One of the foundations of the MBTI sytem is that all  psychological types are fundamentally valuable and that each type has particular situations in which they tend to shine more brightly than other types.
It must be noted that the positive psychology movement isn’t just about finding strengths.
I love looking for the meaning of colors, although most of the time I already have my own, I wanna know what most people feel about them and why.
I choose just positive meaning this time, I will create a new chart soon with the negative influences of colors, that would be pretty interesting.
Strengths are built-in capacities for certain thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  Everyone possesses the  full range of  these assets, but the ability to draw upon one capacity over another varies among individuals.

Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi describes a state of mind known as flow, wherein the difficulty of a task  and the skill level are matched and at a high level. There are elements of developing mindful behavior through meditation and awareness, cultivating a grateful mindset, compassionate behavior, and savoring one’s blessings. But honestly, I don’t want to spend hours reading an extremely boring and long explanation of the psychology of a color, i just want to see a simple lists of colors explaining the meaning. When we are in flow or the zone, we are rewarded for using our strengths by a feeling of  concentration and absorption that has been described as blissful engagement.
Many tools have been developed since the venerable MBTI  to mine for these strengths such as Strength Finders and the new questionnaire from the VIA Institute on Character called the Inventory of Signature Strengths Survey. So with that in mind I created this easy chart with some of the positive meanings and most common feelings of the basic colors we love.
DIY project ideas, crafts, home decor, design, familia and all the things that inspire a colorful lifestyle.

Your particular range of strengths are a blend of your natural propensities, your growth as a result of  personal experiences, and your deliberate effort to develop a certain areas of your personality. However to tap into the benefits of your personal strengths, it’s key to know what they are. Whatever the reason, there are many people who are not acquainted with their powerful and unique special qualities.

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