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Much of the research into what women find attractive in men has focussed on their earning power or how afraid they are of commitment. In one study, when females were asked to rank photographs of men in terms of carnal sexual attraction rather than for long term relationship potential, the women selected men who looked broody or proud as being more appealing than smiling men. I'm here to tell you there are proven ways to improve your self-confidence that will drive real, long lasting change in your life.
Having the freedom to make choices with your time might be one of the main reasons you decided to become an entrepreneur.

We speak in platitudes that we think carry weight--like "think outside the box." There is a freeing joy in thinking inside the box.
Contributing on Quora or posting compelling content to your network on LinkedIn can create a real sense of belonging. Increasingly, however, effort has been directed towards determining what women find physically attractive in a man as these traits may carry just as much, if not more, weight in the dating game.
If you take control of your personal brand and create content that inspires you, confidence will follow.

Similarly, building community via your Twitter account can also stimulate this powerful feeling. This Valentine's Day, make sure you're doing everything in your power to harness the physical traits that scientists have suggested women look for in a man along with tips on how you can use this information to become irresistible.

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