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Hyundai India re-imports the next-gen 2017 Verna!This is a discussion on Hyundai India re-imports the next-gen 2017 Verna!
Is it just me or does it really look like the Ciaz from a few angles like the side profile and headlights? It is more of an evolution than a radical change to the design, which is not a bad thing at all. I was expecting something more flashy but i guess given the recent design direction taken by Hyundai (less fluidic), this one fits the bill. The interior should feature some features not present in the segment currently and i am guessing we could see a colour MID and a Mirror link Sound system. They have a best seller across most segments barring the A(where the Eon did not live upto expectations) and the lucrative C where the Ciaz and the City rule. Verna started off strongly but the boat inspired ride and a higher price tag saw its decline.
It'll be interesting to see if this 2017 gen launch could make the same vibes as the 2011 launch did, thanks to the younger generation drifting to the compact SUVs, which offer both ground clearance and convenience to park in our ever growing cities.
PS: I don't expect any changes in the powertrain as Hyundai still leads the pack on those specs. The coupe-like stance has always been Verna's trump card - I wish Hyundai had gone the new-gen Elantra way for designing the next-gen Verna, instead of borrowing so many styling cues graciously from the Elite i20.
Considering how important the next-gen Verna is for Hyundai's C-segment chances, I expected better from their creative team. Will reserve my final judgement for when the actual car is revealed but for now, not impressed. The engines for the new Verna will be retuned for better performance and mileage figures, as the 2,600mm wheelbase car will be benchmarked exclusively against the Honda City during it's pre-launch phase.
I am in market for a diesel automatic and Vento being my first choice , can anyone throw any light on how it would compare with upcoming new Vento . Originally Posted by csnanjappa Do we have any information about auto transmission , i don't think the current 4 speed auto gear box would be used . Now, Hyundai is working on a new AMT gearbox, initially reports suggested ZF will be the supplier though as per recent reports Hyundai is developing it themselves for all the developing markets including India.
In Europe, Hyundai has recently equipped it's i30 hatch (Similar price range as Verna as per their market) with a 7 Speed DCT Automatic gearbox which is also expected to debut in India. As per market trends and what my understanding, Hyundai will equip the Verna with it's old 4 Speed AT gearbox nor use the AMT Unit. Originally Posted by landcruiser123 All I don't want in the verna is a soft suspension tune.

Where Hyundai went wrong is in the execution of the soft suspension for the old i10, Fluidic-Verna and i20. Hyundai now needs to go back to the basics, they know how to make a great drivable car but they stopped focussing on that and did what was simple and what most people would prefer (light controls, creature comforts, design).
Having test-driven cars like the Punto (brilliant handler but poor ergonomics), BMW 320i E90 (fantastic steering and stability but a bit of a hard suspension), and a Mini (typical go-kart, too much surge for the city) I can say most Hyundai models aren't quite up to the mark but at the same time not at all bad either for day-to-day India specific roads. Among the award recipients are CHASSasia (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Conergy Asia & ME Pte Ltd, IIA Technologies Pte Ltd, Sauter Singapore Pte Ltd, Sozoluz Clinique, Trendmaker Pte Ltd, Vanguard Fire Systems Pte Ltd and Yang Kee Logistics Pte Ltd. This year's list is dominated by industrial and commercial products manufacturers, and professional and business services providers, representing 21 and 20 percent of the awards recipients respectively. Ng said, "It is clear that even as we shift our focus to higher-valued production and research-driven industries, at the core of our economy is our industrial products sector. SMEs participating in the survey are both optimistic and cautious over the ASEAN Economic Community or AEC. Business Media International (BMI) is one of Asia's leading business-to-business publishers. Interiors are from a basic variant but seems to have taken the latest design philosophy from the new Hyundais like Creta. This, again, is how most Hyundai and Honda sedans are designed these days (The Elantra and Civic have recently followed this path!). Hyundai has learnt its lesson (though by the hard way) that a buyer of today is more informed and demanding. However, all engines will be retuned not just for better performance, but for more mileage. It will have a wheelbase of 2,600mm which will offer more legroom for rear occupants, which is currently falling short in the model which is on sale. At the same time the 6-Speed auto gear box used in Creta is not so frugal compared to other automatics .
The company will use it's existing 6 Speed Automatic gearbox from the Creta in Verna and the next generation Elantra might end up using the 7 Speed DCT Automatic. If Hyundai follow the standard set by the Grand i10, Elite i20 and Creta, the car should handle decently.
There are multiple factors which determines the sweet-spot for a suspension and it varies with every car - the height of the car itself, the un-sprung weight, aerodynamics, frame rigidity and steering setup. They have received enough flak for it and now hopefully they should work on the emotional aspect of driving - the feel and control which was lost along the way. SMEs in Singapore continue to grow, notwithstanding global economic uncertainties and a more challenging marketplace.

This is especially impressive given the projected 1 to 3 percent GDP growth for the whole country in 2016.
A total of 292 companies responded to the programme, with the top 100 selected among the respondents based on quantitative criteria such as revenue growth and profit, and qualitative criteria such as business outlook, investment in training, and R&D efforts, to receive the SME100 Awards. This is less about the business regulations and tariff than it is about of the 'softening' of the regional markets due to greater awareness regionally for AEC. Some of our media properties include SME Magazine, HR Asia, Capital Asia, and World Halal Business. Also, the rear looks disproportionate and the rear bumper seems really bulky when compared to the front.
He would not budge to the hollow explanations given by Hyundai for not having provided one on the Verna. Though as both Rapid and Vento gets 7 Speed DSG, Hyundai might end up equipping the Verna too with DCT Transmission.
The Getz is a great car to drive and everyone who owns it says the same thing, the first-gen Verna with the 1.5 CRDi engine was another fun to drive car and the Santro felt pretty nice too. Singapore Commercial Credit Bureau provided the data on the participating companies while Nexis TS were the official auditors.
At the same time, many SMEs are concerned about the increased competition, and the associated risks of regionalisation," Ng said. As owners of some of the region's largest B2B media and events properties, BMI is uniquely positioned to offer business owners and senior business executives up-to-date business intelligence across the region. Of course, given Hyundai's pro activeness, we will see it in India as soon as its ready for the global launch. Debuting as a concept at the Auto China 2016 in Beijing, the show car hints at what's in store in the new Verna when it makes its debut next year. Initially, as per various reports the 6 Speed AT transmission from the Creta and Elantra was said to be used, then again came in the rumor that Hyundai will stick to the 4 Speed AT gearbox. The Verna is a C-segment challenger, Hyundai will equip it with the 6 speed TQ AT if there's no new transmission in the pipeline.
Also the spring adjustment of both these cars was possibly a weak point, they had too much play in them causing the unsprung weight to jiggle about.

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