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I am a beautiful being to behold, but I had to learn to love my freckles, birthmarks, bowlegs, body fat, curves, and all that made me unique in my identity. I am NOT just saying I am endowed with wisdom, intellect; or am I saying I am relentless, fearless, caring and lovinga€¦it means I have been beaten by lifea€™s experiences that has cultivated these attributes to my present. Lifea€™s experiences all happened in different stages of my life BUT all uniquely chosen to produce my present demeanor. So when I say I am powerful, I am saying, I have been beaten, abused, slayed, blasphemed, backstabbed, mocked, stoned, and cursed outa€¦I have been heart-broken, rejected, ditched, abandoned, and cheated ona€¦AND yet I am still here! I have been known to take responsibility and apologize for many things that are not my fault. It was not until I apologized for walking near someone in the grocery store (I wasn’t even in the way) that I realized I had a problem.

Working on mastering the first agreement was what turned it all around for me and my self esteem started improving. You don’t have to apologize for taking up space when you realize you have value in the world. There is great relief in learning not to take the negative actions of others personally when their actions seem directed at you. Don’t assume other people know what you are thinking and don’t assume you know what they are thinking.
Grab a copy of The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom (A Toltec Wisdom Book) Break the old agreements you have with yourself and replace them with these life changing ones!
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This entry was posted in Family, Powerful Woman Quotes and tagged Louisa May Alcott, powerful, powerful woman, Rosie the Riveter on February 18, 2013 by Sarah Boucher. There was NO reason for me to lower my head and apologize for breathing the same air as this gentleman.

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