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In addition, they had 256 MB of RAM soldered to the motherboard, no PC card slot, and a single RAM slot for expansion.
This unit is missing memorry, Power supply,keyboard, hard Drive ,Battery,and no power come up. There was a single, high-end 17" model, with 512 MB of RAM, a 100 GB hard drive, twice the VRAM, a dual-link DVI port and a SuperDrive, for $2,699.

May item does not function properly as we are unable to test.  Therefore we are selling the item AS IS without a guarantee for Parts or Repair.
Arrangements must be done in 7 Days after placing order.? If pickup you are taking the item after inspecting so there is no need any kind of return. May be some time it does not match the original one but similar specification item.  In case of any variation we will not deemed to be responsible.

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