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The PowerBook 180 is arguably the best grayscale classic chassis PowerBook produced by Apple, but at the time of its release, it was extremely expensive beginning at about $3,870 US. Port cover down The feature that sets the PowerBook 180 apart from its grayscale contemporaries is its exquisite 9.8-inch grayscale active-matrix (4-bit, 16 grays) LCD. The PowerBook 165c, introduced on February 10, 1993, was the first PowerBook with a color display.

Contrast and brightness sliders The PowerBook 165c has an ADB port, sound in port, sound out port, HDI-30 SCSI port, video out port, modem port, printer port, and one available expansion slot to add an RJ-11 modem card.
The battery is held inside the left side palm rest and can easily by removed by pushing forward the battery latch.

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