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Queen of Your Own Life is an attitude, a way of life and a call to action for grown up women everywhere. Sometimes the weight of her life made her feel like she might be snapped in half like a small dry twig. Sometimes, to get it all done, she felt like she was moving faster than the speed of light.
Instead of looking at what she thought was wrong in her life she decided to stop, turn her face to the sun, and think about everything that was right.
She stopped pretending and finally allowed herself to walk around in the world as she honestly was. Can you turn something you’ve been saying to yourself into something worth saying to yourself? There have been moments in all of our lives when we’ve opened the door to new opportunities, and there have been moments when we were too afraid to look through the peep hole to see what was out there.
She decided when she felt that way she would just remind herself she had already survived so much.
She decided it was time to stop beating herself up for being a human being and gracefully move on. But she did it anyway, and in doing so, discovered the difference between bravery and courage. Where others saw an ordinary woman, she saw an adventurer boldly embracing the unknown around every bend. The gift of a few moments to stop and think about how much she had accomplished rather than punish herself for how much was left to do. For us, a sense of humor about not just life, but about ourselves, has always helped us reach down, grab our bootstraps and pull until we were standing tall once again No one and no thing can make you happy. But we can say that when you give that gift to yourself, you are a more attractive person to be around.

But that’s no excuse for getting bogged down in the feeling that everything is drudgery.
We are not able to give ourselves time off, permission to dream, the time to refresh ourselves or the pleasure of indulging in play IF we are saying yes to everyone, all the time.
Step out of your comfort zone this week and sparkle and let’s make the world a more colorful place to live.
We choose mentors and friends because they see the best in us and guide us toward seeing it ourselves.
The check out clerk, the gas station attendant, the driver in the next car, the person on the park bench as we walk by, the woman who exited the store as we were going in – all of these people see our resting face. That doesn’t mean someone else does the laundry, feeds the family, pays the bill, cleans the cat box or whatever drudgery means to you. Start saying yes to that voice inside of you that asks “could we have some fun today?” What do you say? It is hard to be in a friendship or any relationship with someone who does not like themselves.
And all are momentarily impacted by the smile, the scowl, the worry, the calmness or whatever we’re carrying around in our outward facing emotional handbag.
It simply means that when we love ourselves we can see that doing those things makes our lives better. It’s equally important that we look within ourselves as well as gathering outside influences. But when we value our own time, opinions and gifts, we become magnetic, attracting people who are most likely to be able to be in complimentary relationships with us. We love taking care of our own needs (and sometimes of those we love) so that we have clean clothes, food, a place to live that doesn’t smell and, well, you get the idea. We can, without judgment, ask ourselves what we’ll do the next time life comes knocking on our door.
Happiness is the ability to see ourselves as ready, willing and able to take in the beauty, joy and love that surrounds us all the time.

Our experience has been that the more we learn to love ourselves, the more love comes into our lives. And, the most important actions of all are to keep our eyes, ears and hearts open to the brilliant moments of pure joy that come into our lives often so that we can notice them, experience them and amplify them so they touch others, too.
But when someone makes the choice to purposefully smile and catch your eye, you feel something different. We can learn to see ourselves as valuable, beautiful, kind, funny, loving and worthy of our own affection.
Let’s cast those blinders off, grab our bootstraps, pull ourselves upright and look to the left. What are some moments of pure joy in your life that you might have missed if you hadn’t chosen to look, perhaps because you were struggling? We believe that loving ourselves unconditionally prepares us to attract healthy relationships and friendships with others. Everest but first you’ll need to buy your backpack, fill it with supplies, make travel plans, train for the journey and make arrangements for your everyday responsibilities to be handled in your absence. We can make a conscious choice to move mountains, plant seeds of content and happiness and encourage others – just by choosing to smile today.
But if climbing mountains is what you love and you love yourself enough to prepare, then there is probably more adventure than drudgery. But some of us will go back to school, travel to far away places, learn a new skill, change a habit or some other adventure.

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