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We live in a beautiful vibrational universe and to use the metaphysical properties of gemstones for our personal well being is a very elegant and deeply satisfying way to connect with that beauty.
It is now universally accepted and confirmed by science that we live in a universe made of energy vibrating at different frequencies. When our energetic pattern of our bodies are out of balance and harmony it will manifest in some form of dysfunction in the physical body at some point. When the energy system of the body is in balance we feel joyful and balanced, emotionally as well as physically.
I am a lover and expert of natural gemstones and of course I use gemstones and their healing properties as my preferred way of beautifying my way into harmony and want to inspire you to do the same. The perfectly aligned crystal structure of gemstones and crystals gives them their energy and metaphysical properties: they interact with our own energy field and have a balancing and healing impact on our mind, body, and soul. Astrology, the ancient science of the universal laws, allows us to understand the creative forces at work in our lives and use them to our advantage.
Astrological principles manifest at all levels of creation, from the largest bodies in the cosmos to the tiniest particles of atoms—all are part of the same network of universal energy.
Most of us know the gemstone corresponding to when we were born based on the list created by jewelers. You need to have a look into your whole planetary blue print, your personal horoscope to really be able to find your personal power gems and true birthstones. We all have 12 main healing stones which are representing the most favorable ones for the 10 classical planets, the moon node and Chiron.

If you want to find out more about those 12 main healing stones, you will enjoy my book: Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery where I explain in depth about healing qualities and the planetary signature of 67 gemstones with a cross reference list. If you know your healing gemstones you can easily pick the ones of highest attraction and beauty to your eyes and design your own piece of soul jewely, totally personalized jewelry to your souls requirements. Remember, the Power Pivot Data Model is the engine that powers all the pretty visualizations that you see in all Power BI Demos.
Avi Singh has personally experienced the transformation and empowerment that Power BI can bring - going from an Excel user to building large scale Power BI solutions. A blog dedicated to the review and appreciation of Marvel and DC comics books, art, animation, movies, videogames and milestone events on pop culture (past and present), you are very welcome to join the madness!
Disclaimer: All the images posted on this blog belong to their respective copyright owners I do not claim property over anything posted in this blog, but still it would be nice if you leave the credits to the proper artists and the origin link when you reblog any of the stuff posted in here. Nature can be breathtaking and nourishing in many ways: a sunset over the ocean, a mountain landscape, a flower, or a crystal gemstone.
Being in nature, looking at a flower, tuning into a gemstone can realign our own energy pattern to a more balanced flow. Every bit of seemingly solid matter is just a swirling microcosmic world of vibrating, energized particles creating form as we know it. They have been used for empowerment and for focusing energy in rituals, sacred objects, and jewelry. This is a simplified commercial list, not created by astrologers, and therefore most of the stones on this list are not the true astrological birthstones.

Doing that you can find the gemstone with just the right signature for the individual you are. Which ones are the ones to choose is depending on in which sign and house position the planets are in your chart and with which aspects they are interconnected with each other.
I hope you will enjoy this fresh look through your eyes onto the mysterious world of healing gemstones. As usual, we spent close to two hours with a lengthy Q&A session after the presentation. I believe that a gemstone that attracts your eye with its beauty will always be beneficial for you. By considering the individual signature of gemstones, we can select the right gems for very specific purposes, according to their astrological representation. The universal principles that govern the planets are also seen on the much smaller level of gemstones, crystals, and metals. No wonder the perfect crystallization, the reflection of color and transmission of light touches our human heart and lifts our soul.

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