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Now I know that may seem to go somewhat against the grain, but have you ever seen someone who is ‘trying’ to think positively. What you are actually struggling to get to when you try positive thinking, is actually the state of knowing that the best possible thing will happen.
If you wish to acquire the real state you seek behind the state which you currently think is positive thinking, then it is simple. It really is this simple, however, sometimes the simple stuff gets messed up and we lose track of nature… we invented positive and negative thought… have you ever seen a Leopard trying to think positively? I go through in much more depth this ridiculous destructive thought process in Creating A bug Free Mind.
They feel the downside, but of course they cannot accept it as it would not be to think positively, so the guys who actually manage this monumental task of keeping clear positive thought for a while end up imprisoning themselves in a state of mind which is entirely un-natural and very destructive. When people say to me, you’re so positive, I usually don’t bother explaining any of this to them as they probably wouldn’t shut up long enough to listen to the solution they seek. I am not a positive person, and I am not a negative person, I am a purpose driven person who looks to people caught in the trap like he is a positive thinker. By Jan Marie Leave a Comment How you face life each day has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself and the world around you. That?s why I decided to put this post together and share some of my favorite, motivational quotes with you. I hope they will inspire and motivate you to grasp life with both hands and point it in the direction you want to go! I love this quote from Peter McWilliams because of the astute way it describes the challenges of shifting to a positive mindset.
Okay, maybe you?re having trouble getting your mind around just how positive thinking can work in your life. You detach yourself from situation. You decide it doesn?t matter whether you get the promotion or not. If you choose to react as I described in option #1, and you don?t get promoted, you?re not going to feel very positive.
Interestingly enough, when our minds are ruled by negative thoughts, it?s not unusual for us to feel unhappy even when we get what it is we want.
When we detach ourselves from the outcome, we deprive ourselves of the joy and anticipation we would normally feel when we get what we want. Even, if for some reason you?re not chosen, the disappointment you feel will not have the power to undermine your belief in yourself. When you?re not sure about just how you should think about a situation, take a moment to remember Norman Vincent Peale’s quotes on approaching life in a positive way. Whether you call it attitude or mindset, looking at things through a lens of positivity really does have the power to change your world ~ You won?t know, until you try. You made me commit to things that needed to be done in helping me move forward in all aspects of my life.

Zen Life-Flexibility Program is an informative guide that teaches people the power of positive thinking via ways, tips, and innovative techniques. To know more information about Zen Life-Flexibility, get a direct access to the official site.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. So the power of positive thinking is actually a bit misleading… It is not thinking positively or negatively, it is just getting on with what has to be done and accepting what has already happened.
Then let nature be your guide, watch how the leaves of a tree blows about in the wind, they go with the flow. Please feel free to use this article and send it to who so ever you want to as long as it carries this copyright line and link on it.
If you have a positive approach to life and to yourself, even your toughest days won?t have the power to drag you down. Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking, had quite  a bit to say about the benefits of approaching life in a positive way. After all, you were never good in school and the new Vice President doesn?t even know you?re alive. You figure you won?t get the job. You know that you not only do your job well but that others see you as a good candidate for the promotion as well. How can you come out of this  situation feeling good about yourself, no matter what happens? In fact, you?ll see your not getting the promotion as confirmation of what you?ve always thought all along; that you?re just not cut out to be successful.
In this case, by convincing yourself nothing is important enough to invest in, you?ve pretty much guaranteed your life isn?t going to change…at least not for the better. And when the end result doesn’t matter, chances are you won?t enjoy getting the promotion if you?re actually chosen. If you’re chosen, your positive way of thinking will be reinforced and you will begin the face the new challenges ahead with renewed energy and determination. You will find it easier to focus on your positive traits and skills, your intelligence and perseverance. Pack” filled with motivational affirmations, inspiring images and uplifting quotes to help keep you positive and moving forward.
And while the saying "Change your thoughts, change your world" seems simple enough, it just is not that easy to do. Allen is an online program that reveals power of positive thinking and how to think better. Allen is a brand new program that uncovers the power of positive thinking through step-by-step guidelines, tips, ways to manage stress and control feeling. Firstly, users will learn how to “sit” properly, and how to focus their attention, deal with distraction in order to have peace on their mind.

Inside the package of Zen Life-Flexibility, people will discover these following components: Meditation, Qi Gong, Stretching, Breathwork, Life Approaches, Body Mind, and Lessons Learned. Now some people would well that’s the power of positive thinking, but I would disagree.
The law of least effort is all about just accepting the way things are and allowing them to be. The problem is that the people out there who have taught the benefits of positive thinking, don’t actually know themselves the downside of it. Too many people give up trying to be positive before they ever see the tremendous results positive thinking can have in their life. One of my favorite quotes is the one above – possibly because I?ve experienced in my life, time and time again. Not only that, but if you do manage to get the promotion, chances are you will believe you didn?t really deserve it. Via this e-book, the author promises to help people get rid of negative energies and recover a positive flow of vitality. Secondly, the system instructs people how to function best, how to breathe properly, and how to deal with anxiety via simple, easy-to-learn movements, postures, and stretches. Be flexible, and just allow stuff to be as it is… this will help you if you allow it to and in fact you de-facto sate will actually be one of natural positivity… just by allowing it to be so. Imagine, by controlling how and what you think, you have the power to define and determine the life you lead! If that?s the case, the first thing you?ll need to do is stop worrying about making a fool of yourself or being afraid that other people are smarter than you are. With this program, people will go through healing on multi-dimensional levels including body, soul, and spirit easily.
Lastly, learners will get close access to view their body, spirit, mind, and relationships with “gentle eyes” in order to shift everything from the inside out. In other words, the e-guide provides people with 56 videos that contain a continual training stream of manageable chunks. This program allows people to mediate efficiently, build clarity and focus, and control life goals effortlessly. Allen launched this new program, a lot of clients used and shared their success with Zen Life-Flexibility.

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