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On this note, I would like to share a fabulous post by Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living that I simply adore.
Besides solid encouragement and great resources, Farnoosh also offers a free 21-step confidence building email course Рcheck it out. Click the title to download the book in pdf form.  This book is about creating a mindset of positive values so you perceive your life as one full of abundance, not one of lack. Yes, the real pain comes through after one or two days, and no matter the amount of medicines you might take, it does take a few days to full go away. Loved the quote you shared, and thanks so much for sharing these wonderful links with all of us, which I shall soon check out.

Please do take special care of yourself, and give yourself complete rest, which means no blogging too!
Enjoy your weekend with your family and let them pamper and look after you for a while, such times are rare – so enjoy them.
Our thoughts are an energy which manifests and creates what we do want and what we don’t want. My right arm, which is injured, unexpectedly got worse yesterday and the medication – antibiotics and painkillers are playing havoc with my system.
During the course, you will receive  a daily email with a sunset photo and a heart whisper.

Sorry to hear about your problem with the arm, get well soon, hope you join in for this years, a to z. Anyway,¬† I can now stop the painkiller and antibiotic and take only an antihistamine (whew! I found it recently and signed up, because it seemed like a grand idea to be able to offer you’all something really nice.

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