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Many man made and naturally occurring phenomena, including city sizes, incomes, word frequencies, and earthquake magnitudes, are distributed according to a power-law distribution. All three terms are used to describe phenomena where large events are rare, but small ones quite common. Zipf's law usually refers to the 'size' y of an occurrence of an event relative to it's rank r.
It states that there are a few multi-billionaires, but most people make only a modest income.
What is usually called a power law distribution tells us not how many people had an income greater than x, but the number of people whose income is exactly x. Although the literature surrounding both the Zipf and Pareto distributions is vast, there are very few direct connections made between Zipf and Pareto, and when they exist, it is by way of a vague reference [1] or an overly complicated mathematical analysis[2,3].
Recently, attention has turned to the internet which seems to display quite a number of power-law distributions: the number of visits to a site [4], the number of pages within a site [5], and the number of links to a page [6], to name a few. Figure 1a below shows the distribution of AOL users' visits to various sites on a December day in 1997.
At first, it appears that we have discovered two separate power laws, one produced by ranking the variables, the other by looking at the frequency distribution. Finally, instead of touting two separate power-laws, we have confirmed that they are different ways of looking at the same thing.
The author would like to thank Bernardo Huberman, Rajan Lukose, and Eytan Adar for their advice and comments.
Note that the shape parameter of the Pareto distribution, k, equals a-1, where a is the power law slope. Another property, which holds for all k, not just those k not giving a finite mean, is that the distribution is said to be "scale-free", or lacking a "characteristic length scale".
This tutorial exists only in an online version but some of the discussion is included inL.A. All the prophets of God have come to unite the children of men and not to disperse them; to put in action the law of love and not enmity. In the global East, most people know of and understand Sharia law, the canonical Islamic legal code. But Sharia law has a long and very illustrious history of bringing order, rights and justice to a previously lawless and barbaric population. Mohammed through his power was enabled to elevate a nation, for on his teachings a mighty civilization was constructed in the Arabian peninsula, the influence of which, as recorded in history, extended as far west as Spain. Even today, various Muslim countries utilize all or part of the Sharia code, including most majority-Muslim Middle Eastern nations like Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and many others. Likewise at a time when the Arabian tribes were in the utmost enmity and strife, shedding the blood of each other, confiscating property, making families and children captives, waging continuous warfare in the Arabian Peninsula, when no soul was at ease and no tribes had any rest-at such a time His Holiness Muhammad appeared. From this we can understand that the foundation of divine religion is one and that it is for peace, not for war; it is love, truth, unity, and fellowship.

From the continual imitation of ancient and worn-out ways, the world had grown dark as darksome night. In the next essay in this series, let’s look at the changes that occurred in Sharia law over time, and how it became what it is today. The opinions and views expressed in this article are those of the author only and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of BahaiTeachings.org or any institution of the Baha’i Faith. David Langness writes and edits for BahaiTeachings.org and is a journalist and literary critic for Paste Magazine. Please tell us a little about yourself, and a Baha'i in your area will get in touch with you.
A power-law implies that small occurrences are extremely common, whereas large instances are extremely rare.
George Kingsley Zipf, a Harvard linguistics professor, sought to determine the 'size' of the 3rd or 8th or 100th most common word. Instead of asking what the r th largest income is, he asked how many people have an income greater than x.
It is simply the probability distribution function (PDF) associated with the CDF given by Pareto's Law. Here I show a simple and direct relationship between the two by walking through an example using real data. One can observe that a few sites get upward of 2000 visitors, whereas most sites got only a few visits (70,000 sites received only a single visit). The tail naturally smooths out in the cumulative distribution and no data is 'obscured' as in the logarithmic binning procedure. But the key is to formulate the rank distribution in the proper way to see its direct relationship to the Pareto.
Per Bak, "How Nature Works: The science of self-organized criticality", Springer-Verlag, New York, 1996.
In the West, widespread knowledge of Sharia has not yet reached most people; and those it has reached often have a negative opinion of it, primarily because of its association with radical Islamist movements, who tend to apply it harshly and conservatively.
It replaced ineffective governments, stopped tribal wars and elevated morality, supplanting formerly corrupt practices and political institutions.
The fundamentals of the divine Teachings had passed from memory; their pith and heart had been totally forgotten, and the people were holding on to husks.
Your email address will solely be used for delivering the latest articles to you and absolutely nothing else. Size here denotes the frequency of use of the word in English text, and not the length of the word itself. The distribution is so extreme that if the full range was shown on the axes, the curve would be a perfect L shape. The phrase "The r th largest city has n inhabitants" is equivalent to saying "r cities have n or more inhabitants".

This also implies that any process generating an exact Zipf rank distribution must have a strictly power-law probability density function. Presumably because of this, the Pareto distribution is sometimes given with k > 1, but the k > 0 definition is more widely used.
Shari at Musa, for example, is the phrase for Mosaic or Jewish religious law; while shari at al-Masih is Arabic for Christian religious law.
When a being, alone, in the midst of a savage tribe begins by teaching them and finally succeeds in raising them to a high degree of civilization, we must admit that he has an extraordinary power. Emphasizing unprecedented levels of justice and fairness for the time, Sharia law initially had an enormously beneficial effect on the civilizations and cultures it touched.
The Islamic lafif—a twelve-member group of ordinary people, neighbors and peers sworn to tell the truth and give a unanimous verdict in a trial—settled matters of judicial truth long before the concept of a jury found its way into English law. The social aspects of religion, from a Baha’i perspective, are not fixed, but relative. Instead of these simple principles we now have dogmas and imitations, and because the dogmas and imitations differ we have constant strife and war.
Let's try to disentangle some of the confusion surrounding these matters and then tie it all back neatly together. There are few words, such as 'and' and 'the' that occur very frequently, but many which occur rarely.
Figure 1b below shows the same plot, but on a log-log scale the same distribution shows itself to be linear.
This is exactly the definition of the Pareto distribution, except the x and y axes are flipped. Here we show that all three terms, Zipf, power-law, and Pareto, can refer to the same thing, and how to easily move from the ranked to the unranked distributions and relate their exponents. The Arabs progressed to such a degree that the kingdom of Andalusia and the great dominion of the Caliphs was established. If, however, all the religions of the world would forsake imitation and follow the original foundation of religion, all would agree.
These fanatics are actually thirsty for their brother’s blood, they condemned one another and considered each other unclean. They would have no more strife and warfare, for religion is reality and reality is one; it does not accept multiplicity.
Because there are so few data points in that range, simply fitting a straight line to the data in Fig. To get a proper fit, we need to bin the data into exponentially wider bins (they will appear evenly spaced on a log scale) as shown in Fig.

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