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Gelkmaros and Ingisson, hidden from view for so long, have retained an appearance reminiscent of the Atreian mainland before the Cataclysm struck. A group of Balaur worshippers known as the Dragonbound have recently taken up residence in the abandoned temple. As the Tower of Eternity shattered, thousands of fragments from the great structure rained down all over Atreia’s lands.
The tragic story behind Kromede the Corrupt, governor of the Fire Temple, is finally revealed.
Beshmundir Temple is an underground cemetery constructed under the orders of the Dragon Lord Tiamat. Your mission there is clear: penetrate the defenses, evade the traps, and find out exactly what the Balaur are up to. You must uncover the details of this plot by going to Haramel, and seeking out the greed that threatens Atreia’s stability. The Balaur who occupied the Divine Fortress, one of the fortresses of the Abyss, had installed a machine which distorted time and space. Now our Daevas have managed to manipulate the rift, and can get to this outcrop themselves.
The Chantra Dredgion is a Balaur supply ship tasked with supplying the Balaur forces around Atreia with supplies and logistics.
Now it has been found mostly through sheer luck, and now the Elyos and Asmodians must fight desperately if they wish to gain access to the ship and plunder the astonishing technology and invaluable supplies aboard the great ship. However, the Drana in these lands has also left its mark; there are many areas where the laws of nature are not obeyed.
Each has a unique theme and environment, and each comes brimming with brand new risks and fantastic rewards.
Built by fanatics brainwashed by the Dragon Lord Beritra, the architecture is similar to the style utilized by the ancient humans. Your task is to find out what these traitors are looking for, and to give aid to the few descendants of Siel’s Spear Legion, the Reian tribesmen.
Their technology exceeds even the most cunning Shugo invention, yet they are still incredibly powerful and resilient beings, absolutely devout in their worship of Aion.

One huge shard tore into the ground, and eventually settled underneath a great tree, long believed to be holy by the nearby villagers.
Quell the bubbling chaos inside the great Elim, and find a cure for the condition that has struck down your fellow immortals!
Work through Nightmare and witness a tragic love story between Kromede the witch and her lover Ropstin. The temple serves to respect the fallen Balaur warriors, and is filled with holy remains and the weapons and armor of their strongest dead.
The Balaur have far stronger guards there for such a strategically unimportant location, and scout reports suggest that one of the most fearsome Balaur legions, the Laksyaka Legion, has been ordered to stand guard there. The Kobolds and Skurvs have disappeared, and massive quantities of Odium and Odella with no obvious source have been found. They planned to use this distortion to create rifts leading to Elysea and Asmodae, but the rifts instead led them to a small environment, similar to the Abyss between Atreia’s shattered lands. However, it has so far been kept secret from the Elyos and Asmodians, hidden behind Aetheric storms and jumping silently through portals when no eyes were watching. Of course, it is not just the Balaur the Daevas have to worry about; two entrances mean both Elyos and Asmodians will be aboard the ship simultaneously. New daily quests available to be acquired on certain days at the Radiant Ops and Blood Crusade Headquarters have been added.
The difficulties of some group missions have been lowered Mission items have been changed from individual drops to group drops. They may be purchased from NPCs that appear under certain conditions after conquering a fortress in Balaurea. Beritra manipulated these humans, bending them to his will until they were little more than puppets, and then ordered them to build a colossal temple dedicated to his legend.
Under Aion’s command, the Jotun created the Giant Weapon and were charged with maintaining and protecting the device. Soon the tree’s roots fused with the fragment, and the tree gained sentience; it became an Elim.
Asmodians receive the quest automatically once the ’Crash of the Dredgion’ mission has been completed.

The location of their graves is dictated by the rank of the fallen Balaur hero, so players will have to traverse locales such as the Underground Charnel Grave, the Hero’s Vault (where the Warrior’s Stone Statue is located), Garden Grave, and many others. Eventually it was discovered that somebody in Haramel was behind both events, somebody looking to accrue enormous wealth for themselves… but what cost would the Elyos and Asmodians have to pay? Furthermore, the creatures alive here have mutated, and now slavishly obey the Artifact Protector. Those brainwashed fanatics worshipped Beritra for centuries, and indoctrinated thousands into their ranks. However, they were defeated by the Balaur in a ferocious battle, and soon disappeared from sight.
This Elim, Taloc, grew with each passing day, stretching its roots into Atreia’s very bones, and its branches into the turbulent skies overhead. Balaur priests conduct regular ceremonies within the halls of the Temple of Eternity, and for the first time, Daevas can catch a glimpse at a different side to the otherwise war-like menace. At one stage the Empyrean Lords grew so concerned with their numbers that Lady Siel sent her Spear Legion to destroy the great temple.
Now they have been rediscovered, waiting patiently deep under the crumbling walls of the Udas Temple.The Jotun Studio is located in the Udas Underground Temple, an area crawling with Balaur warriors. Eventually Taloc grew so large that the hollows inside it became veritable caverns, and the creatures that took up residence inside the Elim mutated. The attack failed, but the ruined parts of the building still to this day show the scars of that terrible battle. It is time for the Daevas to rise up and safeguard the machinations behind the Giant Weapon.

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