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Your prayers, donations, store purchases, and advertising clicks help to support our ministry. One of the most effective ways is to interact with recordings of someone who already knows the language saying the same phrases and words over and over until you "own" the new phrases. You will get the Affirmations on Beautiful Pictures with Mountains, Beaches, and some of the best scenery around the world! Christian Affirmations are the most encouraging and inspirational words!

It's also very useful to record your own voice so you can hear yourself using the new words and sentences.You can use exactly the same principle with the Power Affirmations recordings to condition your mind to think and speak success. There's over 203 individual MP3s in the "classic" Power Affirmations collection and 285 MP3s in "The Science of Getting Rich" Power Affirmations collection. Of course, if English is your native language, learning these affirmations is a lot easier than learning a new language.

You will get Affirmations for Success, Self-Esteem, Health, Healing, Financial Blessings, Inner Peace, Happiness, and more!

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