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Buffer, the software company that helps us share and schedule our posts, images and tweets across the various networks has a culture that truly walks the talk of positivity, transparency and self-improvement.
For Individuals, Teams and OrganizationsIs it possible to create a positive workforce in negative times?Yes, it is, says speaker, strategist and consultant Liz Jazwiec, RN. Carolyn Kopprasch of the Happiness Team at Buffer shares her experience of working at Buffer and what she loves about it.Episode IntroductionCarolyn Kopprasch works at Buffer where she’s part of the Customer Happiness Team.
Carolyn talks with Positivity Strategist’s Robyn Stratton-Berkessel about positive workplace culture and customer experience. About the negative things you and your staff members do to make it even tougher.In her book, Eat THAT Cookie! In her darkly humorous, ever-so-slightly sarcastic style -after all she was an ER nurse - she builds a case for the powerful benefits of a positive workplace.

An example of this reciprocation happened when customer accounts were hacked and Buffer received an outpouring of appreciation about how well Buffer handled the situation.Three Good Reads from Buffer BlogBuffer not only supports its customers with social media scheduling in a very easy way for people like you and me and businesses as well, it also provides a lot of great marketing and human development resources through its blogs.
I ve found that happiness is a decision anywhere, any time, in any economy.Put the tips in Eat THAT Cookie! Growth has been steady and finding the best way to organize a remote workforce has been an exciting journey.
Carolyn talks about a number of these in our conversation.Self-managing teams is how work gets done at Buffer. The members of each team can contribute to other teams so that all are contributing ideas across the whole organization, whether they are part of the Happiness Team or Production Team or Product Team, or whatever, so ideas mingle and mesh together.Positive Workplace Culture and Values at BufferCarolyn provides terrific insights into the first three values at Buffer. Then there are the individual self-improvement goals which the pairs support each other on to help them stay on track.One of the great benefits of the accountability pairs, according to Carolyn, is that you really get to know your other team members since you communicate daily for a week while you are helping each other with individual goals.

You open yourself to your different partner each week.Free Positive Activity SheetWhen you listen in, you will hear the Positivity Lens activity for this episode.
It’s about accessing resources to increase your positivity, and focussing on gratitude.Download for Episode 31Other Valuable InsightsBuffer uses a tool call Small Improvements to help give feedback to each other. Therefore, it’s not about replicating one organization’s culture because it works for them into another organization.
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