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So yeah, by that definition peer pressure can be positive providing that the group norm itself is also positive. A group norm must be compared with a social norm for anyone to make the distinction between right and wrong, and a course of action be decided. From a health perspective, not having that cigarette is likely a positive thing, but you could argue that the smoker would likely be irritated for feeling like he wasn’t allowed to smoke, there could be an amount of physical discomfort and the relationship with those friends may suffer a bit because of that peer pressure. Checking this example with the definition of peer pressure, the social norm leaned towards not smoking, the group norm was clearly leaning towards not smoking so using peer pressure to stop someone smoking is positive, but the short-term outcome for the smoker was more negative. Though surely we must go by what was intended by the peer pressurers rather than the outcome itself.
Another thought is that those non-smokers were likely motivated by their own wants and needs, they may not have liked the smell or the concept of breathing in the smoke themselves. Through all the above brain-drain waffle, and definitions, I’m struggling to think of an example of positive peer pressure. Positive peer pressure must exist, as all it needs would be someone going against a negative group and social norm to do something positive.

As I thought about an example of positive peer pressure, my brain started to make a weird kind of rusty squeaking noise, and I could smell the feint aroma of burnt pork and had to stop. Not in every case of course, you’ve got that whole survival instinct and just plain common sense playing a factor in some decisions, but in many cases we look out to the wider area of social norms for guidance in our group norms. You’re a smoker who’s just left a restaurant, and you’re standing outside with a group of friends who don’t smoke. So although it wasn’t intended, there would be negative consequences from that, probably well-meant peer pressure. Plus, in truth the positive effect itself would likely be negated by the next cigarette the smoker had anyway. Think of the most negative, terrible, disgusting action possible and, if you look at it from the right perspective (likely, the perpetrator’s), there will be a positive to the action.
Peer pressure would come into play, and unless you reeeeeeeeally needed a cigarette you could be peer pressured into not lighting up there and then.
We, as squishy flesh-bags (sorry I mean human beings) build up our social and group norms around us, that are to support a better life or society for ourselves.

Do we look at the short-term or long-term effects of the peer pressure, or the intended outcome? Take away the genocidal, megalomania and he did pull Germany out of the pits from World War 1. Maybe… all your friends have read The Book Thief and when you get together, they all talk about it, so you decide to read it so you can join in with them, and then discover it’s your favourite book of all time? So using arbitrary words to define peer pressure as good or bad, positive or negative, only works if you then choose your judgement perspective.
These all play a factor in determining what positive and negative actually mean in each individual case.

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