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The estimates of how many actual words there are in the English language vary greatly, but let’s say there are anywhere from 250K to 750K words available to us at any given moment.
So have you ever thought about how many of these thousands of words you use daily are actually delivering the message you want them to convey? When you are about to present a “pitch” ¬†or negotiate with a potential client, how carefully do you choose your words? So let me just provide a few examples of words which you may want to avoid when trying to put forward a confident, competent option to your potential client. There are words that make people lean in and take notice and surprise, surprise, these are powerful, positive words such as success, goals, will, sure, can, together well you get the idea.

Your words, can either make someone feel positive and pumped and thus people who have heard you will feel good. So when you are using your 6000 to 10000 words today, stop for a moment and consider what it is you are actually saying — the result might surprise you! This entry was posted in negotiation, presentation, sourcerers apprentice, word meaning on September 23, 2014 by Patricia Moser.
Perhaps you ensure that all the words with which you wish to convey your message are written down, but when presenting and negotiating most of the communication is verbal.
If you are presenting to a client or negotiating, these are words which signal lack of confidence.

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