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If you think positive and act positive you will see the person who is deeply forgetful, start smiling and acting positive.
If you complain, argue, and try to explain how "their" actions are not "right" you will end up with a person who is unhappy, difficult, and often challenging. I would try to explain to her why she should do what I wanted her to do and she would refuse. The actions I took, and the behaviors I expressed, during the early years had a cumulative effect and caused -- an ever growing burden.
Fortunately, Dotty and I finally got off the path that lead to never ending burden, and found the path that lead to Joy. I learned that in Alzheimer's World it was easier to accept, think positively, smile and laugh. So instead of complaining, venting, and allowing actions that are common to most Alzheimer's patients anger me or bend me out of shape, I accepted them as part of my caregiver day and effort. In the last 30 months of Dotty's life our day started with Harvey, and ended with ice cream.

Dotty started her day with a smile on her face, and ended the day with a smile in her stomach. Discovering how to think positive, feel positive, how to take positive action, and create positive feelings. On the other hand, you can first accept that it is the deep forget that drives the actions of persons living with Alzheimer's or a related dementia. You must accept that it is you who needs to change, and you need to stop playing the blame game.
If you think positive and act positive you will see the person in the mirror, the person who is deeply forgetful, start smiling and acting positive.
The goal of the Alzheimer's Reading Room is to Educate and Empower the entire Alzheimer's and dementia community. We show that the frequency of word use is not only determined by the word length and the average information content, but also by its emotional content.We have analysed three established lexica of affective word usage in English, German, and Spanish, to verify that these lexica have a neutral, unbiased, emotional content. Bob is a recognized expert, writer, speaker, and influencer in the Alzheimer's and Dementia Community worldwide.

Taking into account the frequency of word usage, we find that words with a positive emotional content are more frequently used. This lends support to Pollyanna hypothesis that there should be a positive bias in human expression. We also find that negative words contain more information than positive words, as the informativeness of a word increases uniformly with its valence decrease. Our findings support earlier conjectures about (i) the relation between word frequency and information content, and (ii) the impact of positive emotions on communication and social links.

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