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What’s more, the survey found these employees feel negative feedback is necessary for job improvement. Unfortunately for you, 48 percent of employees surveyed felt just the opposite, the researchers said in a recent post on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network. These employees feel constant criticism not only creates a hostile work environment.
Well, it turns out these employees are also divided down some fairly interesting demographics, too. First, age is a factor it seems.
And gender also plays a role, the organizers of the survey said. About 57 percent of men preferred negative feedback, while 51 percent of women asked were more comfortable with positive. Employees also seemed divided based on their profession or specialty, the survey indicates. For example, the survey found those in quality assurance, sales, legal, operations, finance and accounting all preferred negative feedback. Founded in 2003, Small Business Trends is an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them.
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Arduino Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for developers of open-source hardware and software that is compatible with Arduino.
I tried in my Arduino the negative logic to get a digital input from a switch (with 10 K? resistance). From a pure electronics viewpoint, there is no real difference between both circuits, the difference will be handled by your code running on the MCU, as a close switch will either be HIGH or LOW depending on the logic you used to wire your switch.
Using 10k means that, applying Ohm's law, when closing the switch, a 0.5mA current would flow from +5V to GND, which is generally acceptable in terms of consumption and cwill not damage your power supply. Note that the input pin is "high impedance" which means it has no voltage level if not connected to anything, and it does not supply or sink any current (or more accurqtely a negligible current only).
Finally, it is good to know that Arduino MCU offers the INPUT_PULLUP mode for digital pins, where an internal resistor pulls up the pin input to 5V. For information, according to ATmega328P datasheet (the MCU of Arduino UNO), those internal pullup resistors have a value between 20k and 50k. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged arduino-uno button or ask your own question. They also judge their managers by the amount of praise and recognition given in contrast to negative feedback.
They may develop a negative view toward their work environment and toward you as a boss because of it.

How do you decide who needs negative feedback and who would be more comfortable with the reverse? While safety officers, administrative, clerical and office employees all seem to prefer a more positive approach.
On the whole, apparently, people in our survey knew what they were doing wrong before anyone told them anything. A professional journalist with more than a decade of experience in the traditional newspaper business, he has another 10 years of experience in digital media for trade publications and news sites. I only have a few staff, so am not exactly an expert, but I’ve made it my goal to always make my dissatisfaction with any area of their work, constructive and rewarded by verbal gratitude. Shawn has served as a beat reporter, columnist, editorial writer, bureau chief and eventually managing editor with responsibility for nine weekly newspapers, the Berks Mont Newspapers. For example if you connect directly the +4 Volt to a digital input the chip is already protected..
I guess my position is, give criticism in a way that you could handle it, and be warm about it, where possible.

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