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From inspiring slogans and manifestos to motivational ads and billboards, there’s no shortage of inspiration to keep health routines going strong.
Safety Psychology TerminologySome Basics on Social Psychology & RiskUnderstanding The Social Psychology of Risk – Prof Karl E. Exposure to loud noises has serious short-term and long-term health consequences for employees, including permanent hearing loss. OSHA’s definition of unsafe noise is complex, but it considers an average of 90 decibels (dB) over eight hours to be the upper limit of safe exposure.
The two most common types of hearing protection devices used in the workplace are ear muffs and ear plugs. Ear plugs also come in a number in a styles: moldable, non-moldable, with cord, washable and reusable being the most common options. For many wearers, ear plugs offer greater comfort and mobility than ear muffs, and are generally safe. Hearing loss is a serious medical condition that seriously impacts one’s ability to lead a full and normal life. Check out Riskology Consulting – Sarah-Jane has been in the health and safety industry for over 10 years. Don't miss a post - enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

These powerful messages can help you stay on track to being your happiest, healthiest, and fittest yet.
Some effects of industrial noise, such as increased irritability and difficulty concentrating, reduce productivity and increase the opportunity for accidents.
When industrial noise hits 85dB, companies must take action, which includes onsite monitoring, employee testing, and making hearing protection available. Sound level meters are portable instruments that report the dB level in a particular location at a particular time. Most ear muffs look like stereo headphones, and are available in a variety of styles; comfort and mobility are two important ergonomic factors to consider when making a selection. Ear plugs can, however, cause health problems such as pain if they are inserted to deeply, and earwax buildup after prolonged use. For example, in an environment of 85dB, a worker wearing a 30 NRR device will have an actual noise exposure of 55dB. For employers, it is important to keep in mind that hearing loss is a function of noise level and the duration of exposure; often, symptoms do not become apparent until months or years of cumulative impact. With more than 25 years of experience in B2B distribution, he currently works with firms including Magid, a prominent industrial supplies firm, and TSI, a manufacturer of precision measuring instruments. And while everyone recognizes the importance of hearing protection, “loud” may not be as loud as you think.

Firms use sound level meters to identify potential issues and make preliminary assessments. While this option generally provides better noise protection and long term comfort, the cost is high and prohibitive for most industrial operations.
By combining devices – using ear plugs with ear muffs, an additional 5dB to 10dB of protection over the higher NRR rated device will be achieved.
By being proactive in managing noise exposure today, companies will reduce the occurrence of future hearing loss, productivity setbacks and insurance claims. For a more accurate measurement, a noise dosimeter, a more sophisticated instrument, is worn by the worker to measure noise levels continuously throughout the shift.
Dosimeters allow firms to make a more accurate determination of the level of noise workers are actually exposed to.

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