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Does a pregnant mother function like a photographic camera who records intense emotions —A positive and negative — on the fetus? A diversity of spiritual teachings recognize that the timeA before birth is crucial for the unborn child.
Thus they advise that a pregnant mother watch herA thoughts, emotions, food, behavior, and lifestyle for the sake of her unborn child.
The pregnant woman’s thoughts are the mental food influencing the body, mind, andA capabilities of the fetus. Hippocrates and Serenus — What a mother is thinking can transmute the fetus in differentA ways. Leonardo da Vinci — The things desired by the mother are often found impressed onA parts of the child who the mother carried at the time of the desire. Ella Wheeler Wilcox — It is not so much what you are doing, my dear madame, beforeA your child is born, as what you are thinking which molds its character. Corinne Heline — Imagination, the image-building principle, is particularly active in aA woman, and increases her responsibility as a mother during the prenatal periods of herA offspring. Torkom Saraydarian — A mother is privileged to have a female body through which sheA can build those characteristics and give those inspirations, which sustain that humanA being on the path of righteousness, beauty, creativity and goodness. MarksA have been made on the body of the child, due to a picture held in the thoughts of itsA mother and then built out by angels.

The mother cannotA change the character and tendencies of the child once conception takes place.
India (Ayurveda) — A pregnant woman who experiences verbal abuse and physicalA assault will birth an epileptic child.
Various indigenous peoples report that the effect may leave a permanent mark on the unbornA child if it is strong enough and occurs at a vulnerable period in the baby’s development. Fox — The unborn child understands what his mother is saying, and will abandon her viaA miscarriage if she is quarrelsome.
Lummi — Unborn child hears what his future relatives are saying and knows what theyA are think.
Hawaii — If the parents are active during the pregnancy and interested in their work, theA baby will be industrious, and conversely if they are lazy.
Egypt — When a pregnant woman is upset, the child is unhappy and makes the motherA physically ill.
Nepal — If a pregnant woman fights or quarrels, the baby will come out fighting inA childbirth, causing much pain.
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Blavatsky — A pregnant woman is physically and mentally in a highlyA impressible state.
A mother isA privileged to have a female body through which she has the power to create the future ofA humanity.
Percival — Pregnant women with strong desires or holding tenaciously to aA thought have shown that strange results may sometimes be produced by the invisibleA and psychic influences prevailing on the form plane during fetal development. Later, the baby will grow up always fighting and arguing.A For that reason, pregnant women must stay away from village gossip. If she always thinks ill of others, she will birth an enviousA child who is subjugated to women. The pregnant womanA never incurs someone’s ill will or insults anyone lest they can inflict misfortune upon herA unborn child. Her pores are opened, and she exudes aA peculiar cutaneous perspiration; she seems to be in a receptive condition for all theA influences of nature.

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