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When your child begins middle school (or at any point you choose), present the book to her. My oldest daughter got her book last fall, and she loves reading through the positive notes from important people in her life!
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. IMPORTANT NOTE: An additional Aus$143 is charged for each additional 1 - 1000 respondents administered the MES via the MES Pack (PDF version). Aus$495 is for MES Pack (see above) PLUS data to be collected and emailed (as an Excel file; for a sample, click here) to the client (once data collection is complete) using the MES Online Data Collection Service. Aus$1980 is for MES Pack, Online Data Collection, Scoring Service, Individual Student Profile Sheets (see above) PLUS School Report emailed to the client once data collection is complete. This is Option 1 (MES Pack) at a discounted fee for current research students - and only available for current research students.
Aus$99 is for 1 - 1000 respondents administered the MES; then an additional Aus$99 is required for each additional 1 - 1000 respondents administered the MES. An additional Aus$495 is charged for each additional 1 - 1000 respondents administered the MES via the Online Data Collection Service.

The Research Student MES license is for: (a) 2 years or (b) 1000 respondents - whichever expires first. The Motivation and Engagement Scale: Theoretical framework, psychometric properties, and applied yields.
Examining a multidimensional model of student motivation and engagement using a construct validation approach. Motivation and engagement in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and China: Testing a multidimensional framework. Teacher racism, academic self-concept, and multiculturation: Investigating adaptive and maladaptive relations with academic disengagement and self-sabotage for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australian students. Switching on and switching off in mathematics: An ecological study of future intent and disengagement among middle school students.
Academic motivation and engagement: An examination of its factor structure in senior school years. Mathematics motivation and engagement: an independent evaluation of a complex model with Australian rural high school students. A multidimensional analysis of changes in mathematics motivation and engagement during high school.

When our bucket is overflowing, we experience an intense happiness that can spread to those around us. When our bucket is empty we can easily become sad, negative, insecure, nervous, angry, depressed, stressed, worried, afraid, or physically ill.
When we experience any of these feelings, it's easy to believe that life is too challenging and that nothing you attempt will be successful. An empty bucket can affect our behaviour and cause us to express our emotions in a way that empties the buckets of those around us.Our buckets can become empty as a result of negative life events.
The careless or even cruel words and behaviour of others can also affect the level of happiness in our bucket. Our own self-talk and thoughts can dramatically reduce or raise the level of happiness in our bucket. It's important to know that we are responsible for what we choose to think and when our thoughts are positive and healthy, our bucket levels will reflect it.

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