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He traded the “instant party” to a comedian in exchange for a snowmobile and he traded the snowmobile for a two person trip to British Columbia! In February 2006, he traded the cube van for a recording contract in Tokyo which he traded to Jody Gnant for a year’s rent in Arizona. 2) Persistence Pays – While reading the list of exchanges that led to the house, it might be easy to assume that this was pretty simple.
7) Resourcefulness is More Important Than Resources – Considering the series of exchanges that led up to his acquiring the house, I think you can agree that the red paperclip guy was a very resourceful person.

You made me commit to things that needed to be done in helping me move forward in all aspects of my life. Think about it; the American economy (one of the largest in the world) was established through the exchange of materials and services. After all, who decided that a red paper clip was worth a pen…or that a KISS snow globe was worth a part in a TV show? I guess, in the end, you could say that value is always in the eye of the beholder.
Was the red paper clip guy just lucky or was his success the result of strategic persistence and creativity?

And while the saying "Change your thoughts, change your world" seems simple enough, it just is not that easy to do. Surely, luck might be an option in some isolated incidents but not in a strategic series of trades like this.

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