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True love quotes also serve as affirmations because every time you look at one that projects love in your future relationship together, you are “affirming” to your mind that your relationship will last for many years to come. When I was looking at all the love quotes and designing the graphics to go with them for this article, I came across one that melted my heart even though I have never experienced having a husband in the military. I felt the essence of this next quote was pure love that endures past many difficulties and made me realize that many of the difficulties of our own relationships are created in our minds when compared to the pain of truly missing someone and waiting for their return.

To avoid falling out of love, use true love quotes or love letters to continually express your love and compassion for the other person in your life. This entry was posted in Positive Thinking, Thought For The Day, Words of Wisdom and tagged negative thinking, think positive.
The secret is to tap into a true and deep love for another person, and, bingo, you’re going to find that you also have the capacity to love yourself too.

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