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It’s really hard to achieve anything in life with a negative mindset, first and foremost because it’s practically impossible to even make a start at something.
Ironically, a common thing I learned from all the self-help books and videos I read and watched was that the number one thing all happy, successful people have in common is positivity. I look back now to my early twenties and laugh when I think about the music I was listening to.
These days, whenever I want to be inspired, I always listen to my favourite, most upbeat music.
Each morning, before you to to work or school, stick some of your favourite tunes on to set the tone for the rest of your day. Do you ever sit around dwelling on moments from your past that make blush scarlet with embarrassment? I remember a time when I was a teenager and would frequent Internet chat rooms talking to guys.
When people talk about doing positive activities, they tend to mention yoga and meditation. Although yoga and meditation are certainly powerful activities that you should consider, they’re definitely not for everyone.
Yup, failure is a wise teacher from which we can more about ourselves, our abilities, as well as what we need to do in order to get something right.

The mind and body are connected, which means that however you are influencing your genetic expressions with your diet is going to have a strong impact on your emotions. If, however, you fix your diet up and introduce more fresh fruit and vegetables to it, you can promote some truly positive thinking.
Not only does your diet affect you in this way, but just the fact that you know you’re eating good stuff can be enough to put you in a much more positive frame of mind.
When I started smiling more often in my mid-twenties, the change in my general disposition was emphatic.
Smiling to yourself is incredibly powerful, but smiling to strangers is even more uplifting. I was already stuck in a dead-end job by the time I was 21 and didn’t have the courage to go back to school or try another career.
If you approach every day with a smile on your face and an optimistic “Can Do” attitude, you’ve got a 100% better chance of being a success.
It’s even better when you listen to music that you associate with a particularly happy, sunny time in your life. Perhaps you dwell on times when you got really angry with someone and it still makes you embarrassed to this day?
Like the great philosopher Descartes said, we should forget all about impossible dreams and focus instead on what is truly possible.

Ask anyone to suggest a positive activity, and it’s likely they will suggest one of the two – or both. For example, you might not be comfortable with the impenetrable silence, or you might not wish to empty all thoughts from your mind. Perhaps you could go for a walk, a swim, take up a sport, go dancing, go travelling, read some books, and so on!
Rather, accept that everyone makes mistakes, and that positive people learn from them and improve.
If you’re spending too much time around negative people, it’s important that you get out as soon as possible and enter an environment that encourages happiness and optimism. Instead of trying to influence externalities that you can’t touch, focus entirely on what you CAN change. Nothing that happens lasts forever, and you can bet that whatever it is you’re dwelling on now will be a distant memory in years’ time.

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