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And if positive thinking works for so many other issues in life, why not use it for the purpose of growing taller? When you want to grow taller, there are many people touting different solutions online and offline. After all, whatever problem we’re facing, someone has solved it and they want to share their solution.
One that I’ve often seen or heard from friends about the topic of people who want to grow taller is this one: just believe you’re going to grow taller and you will. They say that if their child repeats the statement over and over again, one day the child will wake up and find that he did grow taller. They’ll post the statement – I am growing taller each and every day – for example, on a post-it or stick-umm on the mirror, on the refrigerator, in the car on the dashboard, above their bed, and on their computer.
Believe me, I know, because my friends think of me as one of the most positive people they know.
But the problem is that when it comes to making a huge physiological response in the body such as increasing your height, you have to do more than just use some positive thinking exercises.

Sammy can say all the positive thinking messages he wants until the end of time but until he eats more calories, his body is limited in growing taller. Bobby can say all the positive thinking affirmations he wants while he’s working out but his body is using the energy he consumes in calories to grow wider, not grow taller. Well, here we have another case where positive thinking is never going to be enough to help her grow taller. Sooner or later she is going to have to address the bottom line problem: she doesn’t have enough protein in her diet so she can grow taller. Positive thinking is good – but only when it’s combined with appropriate actions that support your goal to grow taller. Focusing on the positives is such a big issue in our life and it plays such a critical role in how successful we actually will become in life.
On the other end of the spectrum if you are positive, confident, and happy there is no limit to how far you can go or how high you can fly. The more you are positive the more you believe, the more you believe the more you try, the more you try the more you will accomplish.

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The process is that you make a positive statement, called an affirmation, and then you repeat it over and over again. He’s working out and building his body’s muscles and stays to a pretty regimented program of 5 days a week.
You can’t grow taller unless you get enough protein in the diet and she refuses to eat any animal products at all.
You wouldn’t expect your car to run unless it had gasoline right – or would you think that positive thinking will get it working when the gas tank is on empty?

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